It’s quite clear that Honda’s marketing team in Thailand is tapping into a universally relatable emotion—particularly for urban dwellers who are all too familiar with the monotony and confinement of office life. The narrative is straightforward but impactful: the need to break free from the humdrum of daily life and reconnect with nature.

Key Points

  • Honda Thailand has announced a new colour for the 2023 CT125: Yellow SunGlow.
  • The new colour is available now at no additional cost.
  • Honda Thailand also released a short ad to showcase the new colour.
  • The ad tells the story of a man who escapes his dreary office job to go camping in nature with his friends on his new, yellow CT125.

The choice of the bright Yellow SunGlow for the CT125 is strategic in this context. Such a vibrant hue stands out in stark contrast to the gray, dull backdrop of an office setting. It symbolizes not just the vehicle’s fresh look, but also the vibrancy, excitement, and freedom one would associate with an outdoor adventure.


What’s particularly commendable about the ad is the use of visual storytelling. Visual cues can be far more evocative than spoken words, especially in the context of advertising, where the aim is to create an emotional connection in the shortest time possible. A daydreaming employee, the overflowing cup, and the recurring theme of nature and outdoor adventure—all these elements create a narrative that needs no translation. It is universally understood.


The ad serves a dual purpose. While it promotes the new color variant of the CT125, it also reinforces the bike’s positioning as a trail or adventure companion. It paints the CT125 as more than just a mode of transport. It is a ticket to freedom, a way to break out of the mundane, and a tool to explore the great outdoors. By the end of the ad, the CT125 doesn’t just represent a motorcycle—it embodies an entire lifestyle.

Here are some of the pros and cons of buying a Honda CT125:


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Fuel-efficient
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Fun and versatile
  • Available in a variety of colours


  • Small engines may not be powerful enough for some riders
  • Top speed is limited
  • Suspension is on the soft side
  • Not as comfortable on long rides
  • Some riders may find the seat to be too low


Honda’s recent advertisement for the CT125 in Yellow SunGlow is a masterclass in emotional branding. Through adept visual storytelling, the ad taps into universal desires for freedom, adventure, and a respite from the mundanity of urban life. The vibrant new colour choice serves not just as a fresh option for potential buyers but as a symbol of exhilaration and escape. By transcending language barriers and emphasizing feelings over features, Honda effectively positions the CT125 as not just a vehicle, but a lifestyle choice, underscoring the power of effective marketing to transform product perception.

This is a classic example of how motorcycle brands, or brands in general, aim to sell not just products but experiences and emotions. The true appeal of the CT125, as portrayed in this campaign, isn’t its features or specifications. It’s the promise of adventure, the call of the wild, and the allure of the open road.

 Cub House Honda

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