Sounds like a great event for motorcycle enthusiasts and film lovers alike! The Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival (TMFF) offers a unique blend of entertainment, from showcasing new films and world premieres to interactive sessions with filmmakers.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • The festival runs from September 21-23, 2023, at the Revue Cinema in Toronto.
  • A total of 17 films have been selected for the event, including five world premieres.
  • There will be question-and-answer sessions with some of the filmmakers.
  • All films shown at the Revue Cinema will only be shown there, not streamed online.
  • Four additional films will be streamed online from September 24-29.
  • A VIP Pass ($80 CAD) grants access to everything, including priority entrance for in-person screenings and merch discounts.
  • Regular tickets cost $18 CAD (plus applicable taxes and fees) per time block.
  • The film roster includes a variety of genres, including documentaries, dramas, and short films.
  • The TMFF will also be going on tour, with stops in Calgary in October 2023 and Vancouver and Montreal in Spring 2024.

Here are some points to consider if you’re interested in attending:

  • Variety: With 17 films being showcased, attendees have a lot to look forward to. The fact that there are five world premieres ensures that even the most seasoned film festival attendees will find something new and exciting.
  • Accessibility: The choice between attending the full event or opting for individual time blocks makes the event more accessible for those who may have other commitments or prefer to select particular films to watch.
  • Online Streaming: For those unable to attend in person, TMFF has made provisions to stream four films on its online platform. This ensures that a wider audience can participate, especially in the current era where online streaming has become a norm.
  • Value for Money: The VIP pass seems like a good deal, especially for those who plan to attend multiple sessions or are interested in online-only films.
  • Touring: The news that TMFF will be touring other cities is a welcome announcement for fans outside of Toronto. It’s a great opportunity for other cities to host such a unique event and for enthusiasts from all over to participate.
  • Film Highlights: With titles like “A Motorcycle Saved My Life”, “Dark Rider”, and “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Touring”, the festival promises a diverse range of stories, sure to cater to different tastes.
  • Get Involved: The call to action for enthusiasts to help bring TMFF to their city is a nice touch. It not only allows for the festival’s expansion but also fosters a community feeling amongst motorcycle film enthusiasts.

So, whether you’re in Toronto or planning to catch the festival in another city, the TMFF seems like a must-attend for anyone interested in motorcycles, films, or both. If you’re going, enjoy the cinematic ride!

Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival 2023

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