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2024 Aprilia RS 457

The 2024 Aprilia RS 457 represents a noteworthy chapter in the evolution of Aprilia’s RS series, a range celebrated for its blend of performance and style. This latest model, which follows the acclaimed RS 660, was unveiled in September 2023 and has since garnered significant attention from motorcycle enthusiasts and the industry alike. It stands out with its balance of power, design, and accessibility, aimed at a wide spectrum of riders.


  • The 2024 Aprilia RS 457 is a new sportbike powered by an A2-compliant parallel twin engine.
  • It is available in three colours: Racing Stripes, Prismatic Dark, and Opalescent Light.
  • Pre-orders are now open at American and Canadian Aprilia dealers.
  • In the US, the MSRP starts at $6,799.
  • In Canada, the MSRP starts at $7,799.
  • Bikes are expected to arrive in dealerships in April 2024 in the US and June 2024 in Canada.

Motorcycle Performance

The introduction of the 2024 Aprilia RS 457 is an exciting development in the motorcycle world, especially for those following the evolution of Aprilia’s RS series. Here’s a summary of the key points about the 2024 Aprilia RS 457:

  • Unveiling and Background: The RS 457 was first unveiled in early September 2023 at the Misano MotoGP round in Italy. This followed a period of speculation and spy photos, where many expected the new model to be named RS 440, following the RS 660.
  • Specifications: The Aprilia RS 457 is equipped with a 35-kilowatt (approximately 46.9 horsepower) parallel-twin engine that is A2-compliant. It has a claimed curb weight of 175 kilograms (about 386 pounds).
  • EICMA 2023 Appearance: At EICMA 2023, Aprilia showcased the RS 457, but it wasn’t a new model introduction. Instead, Piaggio Group Americas announced the colours, pricing, and availability for the bike in the US and Canada.
  • Colour Options: For 2024, the RS 457 will be available in three colours: Racing Stripes, Prismatic Dark, and Opalescent Light.
  • Pricing and Availability in the US and Canada:
    • In the US, the RS 457 is priced at $6,799 for the Prismatic Dark and Opalescent Light colourways, and $6,899 for the Racing Stripes colourway. These bikes are expected to arrive in showrooms in April 2024.
    • In Canada, the pricing is $7,799 for the Prismatic Dark and Opalescent Light colourways, and $7,999 for the Racing Stripes colourway, with an expected arrival in June 2024.
  • Comparison to RS 660: The RS 457 is priced significantly lower than the RS 660, which starts at $11,499, making it more accessible to a broader range of riders.
  • Advice for Other Regions: For those interested in the RS 457 outside the US and Canada, contacting a local Aprilia dealer is recommended for the most accurate information regarding pricing and availability.

Motorcycle Design and Mid-Range Motorbike

The RS 457 seems to be a strategically priced and positioned motorcycle, offering Aprilia’s signature style and performance in a more accessible package. This could appeal to a wide range of riders, especially those looking for a balance between performance and affordability.


Key Analysis

The key analysis of the 2024 Aprilia RS 457 can be broken down into several important aspects:

  • Market Positioning and Target Audience: The RS 457 is strategically placed as a more accessible option within Aprilia’s lineup, particularly compared to the higher-end RS 660. Its pricing and specifications suggest that Aprilia is targeting not only entry-level riders but also those seeking a mid-range performance bike that balances power and manageability. This makes it appealing to a broad spectrum of enthusiasts, from beginners to experienced riders who prefer a lighter, more agile machine.
  • Technical Specifications and Performance: With a 35-kilowatt (approximately 46.9 horsepower) parallel twin engine, the RS 457 provides enough power to be exciting for new riders while still being manageable and A2 license compliant. Its curb weight of 175 kilograms (386 pounds) suggests that it would offer nimble handling, which is a hallmark of the RS series.
  • Design and Aesthetics: Aprilia’s decision to offer the RS 457 in three colour options caters to varying tastes, maintaining the brand’s reputation for stylish designs. The availability of different colourways, including the slightly more expensive Racing Stripes, indicates a focus on personalization and aesthetic appeal.
  • Price Comparison and Value Proposition: Priced significantly lower than the RS 660, the RS 457 represents a more budget-friendly entry point into the Aprilia brand without compromising on the core attributes of style and performance. This pricing strategy is likely to attract a wider audience and compete effectively in the mid-range motorcycle market.
  • Global Availability and Market Strategy: While the details for the US and Canadian markets are specific, the advice for potential buyers in other regions to contact local dealers indicates a broader international rollout. This approach allows Aprilia to gauge and cater to specific market demands and preferences, which is crucial for global brand appeal.
  • Overall Brand Impact: The introduction of the RS 457 could bolster Aprilia’s market presence, particularly in the segment where riders seek a balance between performance and affordability. It helps in reinforcing the brand’s image as a manufacturer that offers a range of options to suit different needs and budgets.

A2 License Compliance

The 2024 Aprilia RS 457, like any motorcycle, comes with its set of pros and cons, which are crucial for potential buyers to consider:


  • Accessible Performance: With a 35-kilowatt engine, the RS 457 strikes a balance between being powerful enough for an exhilarating ride and manageable for less experienced riders. This makes it a versatile choice for a wide range of users.
  • Lightweight and Agile: The bike’s curb weight of 175 kilograms (386 pounds) suggests it will offer nimble handling, a characteristic beneficial for both city commuting and spirited riding on twisty roads.
  • Attractive Pricing: Priced significantly lower than its sibling, the RS 660, the RS 457 provides a more affordable entry into the Aprilia brand without a significant compromise on quality or performance.
  • Styling and Design: True to Aprilia’s reputation, the RS 457 boasts an appealing design and comes in three colour options, catering to different aesthetic preferences.
  • Brand Prestige: Owning an Aprilia, a brand known for its racing pedigree and Italian craftsmanship, carries a certain prestige and appeal.


  • Limited Power for Seasoned Riders: For experienced riders used to high-performance bikes, the 46.9 horsepower might feel underwhelming, especially for those seeking top-end power and speed.
  • A2 License Compliance: While this is a pro for riders with A2 licenses, it may limit the bike’s appeal to those in regions where such licensing categories don’t exist or aren’t a consideration.
  • Basic Features for Cost-Cutting: To keep the price down, the RS 457 might lack some of the advanced features and high-end components found in more expensive models, which could affect aspects like suspension quality, electronics, and overall fit and finish.
  • Insurance and Maintenance Costs: Despite being a mid-range bike, the cost of insuring and maintaining an Aprilia might still be higher than more budget-oriented brands, which should be a consideration for cost-conscious buyers.
  • Limited Dealer Network: Depending on the region, Aprilia’s dealer and service network might be less extensive than more mainstream brands, potentially making maintenance and servicing more challenging.


In conclusion, the Aprilia RS 457 for 2024 is a masterstroke by Aprilia, encapsulating the essence of what makes the RS series so appealing while making it more accessible to a broader audience. Its combination of a powerful yet A2-compliant engine, a lightweight frame, and competitive pricing positions it as an attractive option for both new and experienced riders. The RS 457 not only continues Aprilia’s legacy of innovation and performance but also opens up the brand to a new segment of motorcycle enthusiasts, promising a unique blend of style, power, and value.


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