2024 Honda RS-X 150

Summary of the 2024 Honda RS-X 150:

  • New colour choices for 2024, including Radiant Grey Metallic and Trico White
  • Pricing starts at RM9,698 for the Radiant Grey Metallic paint option
  • Pricing remains unchanged from the 2022 price of the RS-X 150
  • Stock of the updated colours will appear in Boon Siew Honda Malaysia dealer’s showrooms from today
  • All pricing does not include road tax, insurance and registration
  • A two-year or 20,000 km warranty against manufacturing defects is supplied
  • No other mechanical changes for the RS-X for next year
  • Same Euro 4 compliant single-cylinder mill displacing 149.16 cc
  • Fed by Honda’s PGM-Fi mated to a six-speed transmission and chain final drive
  • Power for the RS-X is claimed to be 15.8 hp at 9,000 rpm with 13.6 Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm
  • Comes with front wheel ABS
  • Braking is done by hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear wheels
  • Uses single-piston callipers
  • Carries fuel in a 4.5-liter tank
  • Has a digital meter with a gear position indicator in the cockpit
  • Uses LED lighting for the twin head and single tail lights
  • Weight is listed at 122 kg and seat height is set at 795 mm
  • Wheel sizing on the RS-X is 90/80 front and 120/70 rear fitted to a 17-inch cast alloy wheel

Honda RS-X New Colors

Exciting News for Motorcycle Enthusiasts:

The 2024 Honda RS-X 150 hits the market with a splash of style, adding new colour choices to its already impressive lineup. Honda has officially announced that the latest model will be available in Radiant Grey Metallic and Trico White, starting at RM9,698 and RM9,748, respectively. This development is particularly thrilling for riders who value both performance and aesthetics in their machines.


Unchanged Pricing – A Smart Move:

Remarkably, Honda maintains the pricing from the 2022 model, a decision that speaks volumes about the brand’s commitment to providing value to its customers. The 2024 model retains the much-loved features of its predecessor, making it a smart choice for both new and returning riders.

Power and Performance:

Under the hood, the RS-X 150 continues to impress with its Euro 4-compliant 149.16 cc engine, ensuring both efficiency and power. Equipped with Honda’s renowned PGM-Fi, the bike promises a smooth riding experience with its six-speed transmission and chain final drive. It boasts a power output of 15.8 hp and 13.6 Nm of torque, ensuring that it delivers on both performance and reliability.

Safety and Design:

Safety remains a top priority for Honda. The RS-X 150 comes equipped with front-wheel ABS, accompanied by hydraulic disc brakes on both front and rear wheels. These features ensure enhanced control and safety, especially in demanding riding conditions.

Rider Comfort and Convenience:

The bike’s practicality shines through with its 4.5-litre fuel tank and a digital meter that includes a gear position indicator. These features are designed to enhance the riding experience, making it both comfortable and convenient.

Stylish and Functional Aesthetics:

Honda has not held back on the aesthetic front either. The LED lighting for the twin head and single tail lights not only adds to the bike’s visual appeal but also improves visibility. The bike’s sleek design is complemented by its practical weight of 122 kg and a manageable seat height of 795 mm. The wheel sizing is optimal, with 90/80 front and 120/70 rear tires mounted on 17-inch cast alloy wheels, ensuring a smooth ride.

Honda RS-X 150 Pricing

Certainly, let’s break down the key aspects of the 2024 Honda RS-X 150:

  • New Color Options Without Price Increase:
  • Key Point: Introduction of Radiant Grey Metallic and Trico White options.
  • Analysis: This strategy enhances the appeal of the RS-X 150 by offering fresh aesthetics while retaining existing customers who appreciate the model’s consistency in pricing. It’s a smart move in a competitive market, where differentiation often comes down to visual appeal.
  • Consistent Pricing Strategy:
  • Key Point: Pricing remains the same as the 2022 model.
  • Analysis: Honda’s decision to maintain the price points (RM9,698 and RM9,748) despite adding new features is a strong selling point. It suggests a focus on customer value and could help in retaining market share against competitors who might introduce price hikes with new models.
  • Performance and Technical Specs:
  • Key Point: No changes in the mechanical aspects; continues with a 149.16 cc engine.
  • Analysis: The consistency in performance features, like the Euro 4 compliant engine and the power output (15.8 hp and 13.6 Nm of torque), indicates Honda’s confidence in the existing design. It appeals to riders who prioritize reliability and proven performance over experimental updates.

Euro 4 Compliant Motorcycles

  • Safety Features:
  • Key Point: Front wheel ABS and hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels.
  • Analysis: Honda’s emphasis on safety, especially with the inclusion of ABS, aligns with increasing consumer demand for safer bikes. This could be a decisive factor for safety-conscious buyers.
  • Design and Comfort:
  • Key Point: LED lighting, a 4.5-liter fuel tank, a digital meter, and a seat height of 795 mm.
  • Analysis: These features indicate a blend of aesthetics, practicality, and rider comfort. The LED lighting improves visibility, while the digital meter adds to the convenience. The seat height and fuel tank capacity offer a balance between comfort for various rider heights and adequate range for commuting or leisure rides.
  • Market Positioning:
  • Key Point: Positioned as a reliable, stylish, and affordable option in the motorcycle market.
  • Analysis: The RS-X 150 continues to target riders who seek a balance of style, performance, and price. Its positioning remains consistent, appealing to a broad segment of the market, from daily commuters to leisure riders.

The 2024 Honda RS-X 150’s introduction of new colours, combined with the consistent pricing and retention of its trusted technical specifications, reinforces its position as a versatile and appealing option in the motorcycle market. The focus on safety and rider comfort, alongside maintaining a competitive price point, positions the RS-X 150 as a strong contender for a wide range of riders.

Conclusion: A Smart Choice for Riders

The 2024 Honda RS-X 150 stands out as a smart choice for riders in Malaysia looking for a blend of style, performance, and value. With its new colour options, consistent pricing, and a host of rider-friendly features, it’s poised to continue its popularity in the motorcycle market. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out, the RS-X 150 deserves your attention.


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