2024 Kawasaki Vulcan range

2024 Kawasaki Vulcan range

Kawasaki’s refreshed Vulcan range for 2024 indeed caters to a wide spectrum of riders, from beginners to seasoned cruiser enthusiasts. Each model within the lineup embraces different aspects of the cruiser motorcycle experience, blending Kawasaki’s renowned engineering with the style, comfort, and performance that cruiser riders seek. Here’s a more detailed insight into the lineup:

Vulcan S:

  • This entry-level cruiser offers an accessible starting point for those new to the segment or riders seeking a manageable yet potent package. Its ergonomics are highly praised for being adjustable to accommodate various rider sizes, an excellent feature for rider comfort. The Vulcan S, leveraging the 649cc engine, balances fuel efficiency with enough torque-rich performance to make both city commuting and longer highway rides enjoyable. The available ABS and Cafe variants, while slightly pricier, add elements of enhanced safety and style, respectively, catering to riders’ specific preferences.

Vulcan 900:

  • Shifting towards a more traditional cruiser aesthetic, the Vulcan 900 appeals to riders who prefer a classic American cruiser’s look and feel. Its larger displacement engine prioritizes low-end torque, characteristic of iconic cruisers known for their relaxed riding and throaty exhaust notes. The variants – Classic, Classic LT, and Custom – are styled distinctly, with the LT oriented towards touring comfort and the Custom focusing on a more standout, aggressive aesthetic. The diverse options make it easier for riders to select a model that best fits their lifestyle and riding style.

Vulcan 1700 series:

  • Embodying the higher end of the cruiser spectrum, the Vulcan 1700 series bikes are all about power, presence, and long-haul touring capability. Both the Vaquero and Voyager are laden with advanced features like electronic cruise control for highway rides and K-ACT II linked brakes with ABS for enhanced riding safety.
    • The Vaquero stands out with its stylish, somewhat more aggressive appearance, and the inclusion of modern amenities like the audio system signifies Kawasaki’s commitment to blending traditional cruiser elements with contemporary comforts.
    • The Voyager, on the other hand, is the epitome of a touring cruiser. Its substantial fairings, integrated luggage, and premium paint options signal its status as the flagship. Designed for long-distance comfort, it’s equipped to challenge rivals in the luxury touring category.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the 2024 Kawasaki Vulcan range:


  • Wide range of models to choose from, to suit different budgets, needs, and riding styles
  • All models are well-built and reliable
  • Good value for money
  • Stylish and retro-inspired design
  • Comfortable riding position
  • Decent performance
  • Ample storage space (on touring models)


  • Some models may be underpowered for some riders
  • Vulcan S has a relatively small fuel tank
  • The Vulcan 900 is not as agile as some other cruisers
  • The Vulcan 1700 series is expensive


The availability of these models across US dealerships marks a readiness by Kawasaki to solidify its stake in the cruiser market, continuing to offer a diverse range that acknowledges the different tastes, preferences, and requirements of cruiser aficionados.

As always, potential buyers are encouraged to consult with dealers for detailed pricing, test rides, and exploring finance options, ensuring a smooth purchase experience tailored to their needs. With this range, Kawasaki underscores its versatility as a brand, not just excelling in performance-oriented motorcycles but also providing compelling, well-rounded offerings in the world of cruiser motorcycles.

Kawasaki’s 2024 Vulcan series reinforces the brand’s dedication to diversity and innovation in its motorcycle lineup. By offering a comprehensive range of cruisers, from the nimble and affordable Vulcan S to the luxurious and powerful Vulcan 1700 series, Kawasaki ensures that riders of various skills and preferences can find a motorcycle that suits their style and needs.

The blend of classic cruiser elements with modern technology across the range highlights Kawasaki’s commitment to evolving alongside riders’ expectations, ensuring not just performance but also comfort, safety, and style. Each model within the lineup is designed with a specific rider in mind, clearly demonstrating Kawasaki’s understanding of and respect for the unique ethos of cruiser enthusiasts.

Moreover, the competitive pricing strategy adopted for these models, considering the features and engineering they boast, positions Kawasaki strongly in the global motorcycle market. It appeals to both new riders looking for a trustworthy first bike and experienced riders seeking advanced features and premium riding experiences.

As these motorcycles roll out into dealerships, they’re not just machines but invitations to a lifestyle—a testament to the open road’s freedom and the deep-seated motorcycle culture. By balancing tradition with innovation, performance with comfort, and style with safety, Kawasaki continues to cement its legacy as a formidable force in the world of cruiser motorcycles.


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