2024 WorldSBK calendar

2024 WorldSBK calendar

The World Superbike Championship (WorldSBK) is no stranger to dramatic twists, turns, and suspense, both on and off the track. As the 2023 season draws to a close, with Alvaro Bautista, Toprak Razgatlioglu, and Jonathan Rea in the top three spots, the motorsport community is already abuzz with anticipation for the 2024 season. A season that promises not only rider shifts among top teams but also new regulations and circuits, ensuring an adrenaline-fueled year of racing.

12 rounds

The upcoming 2024 WorldSBK season appears to be gearing up for a spectacular display of talent, engineering, and strategic changes on the racetrack. Here are some key takeaways and thoughts regarding the mentioned information:

  • Rider Movement: The switches of Toprak Razgatlioglu to BMW and Jonathan Rea to Yamaha will certainly shake things up. Both riders will need to acclimate to their new teams and motorcycles, and it will be interesting to see how quickly they can find their groove. Alvaro Bautista, with the new weight regulation potentially impacting him, might face challenges maintaining his dominant lead.
  • Weight Regulation: Introducing a minimum combined weight is a significant change and will level the playing field in many ways. The regulation could impact Ducati’s strategy, especially since their star rider, Bautista, is one of the smaller riders. How teams and riders adjust to this change will be intriguing.

New Circuits

  • New Circuits: The introduction of Balaton Park Circuit in Hungary and Cremona Circuit in Northern Italy brings fresh challenges for the teams and riders. They will have to familiarize themselves with these tracks, adjust their bikes accordingly, and formulate race strategies based on the characteristics of the circuits. This can bring about unpredictable race results, adding an element of excitement for fans.
  • Season Calendar: The season is well-spread, giving teams ample time for rest, reflection, and preparation between races. The one-month break in May should allow teams to address any performance issues and strategize for the forthcoming races.
  • Traditional Circuits: Phillip Island, Misano, Donnington Park, and Circuit de Jerez, among others, remain favourites for both riders and fans. These circuits have often seen close races, iconic moments, and thrilling finishes.


  1. New Challenges with Rider Movement:
    • The changes among top riders to different teams means everyone, from riders to mechanics, will be pushed out of their comfort zones. This can lead to fresh strategies and possibly even upsets in race outcomes.
  2. Introduction of New Circuits:
    • Adding new circuits like the Balaton Park in Hungary and Cremona Circuit in Italy diversifies the challenge for riders and adds new scenery for fans. It also potentially brings in new local audiences and can increase viewership and popularity.
  3. Weight Regulation:
    • Ensures a more level playing field. The new minimum combined weight may remove certain advantages and make races more competitive and unpredictable.
  4. Well-Spread Season Calendar:
    • Gives teams sufficient time to prepare and strategize between races. The break in May is particularly beneficial for recalibration.


  1. Rider Adjustment to New Teams:
    • The likes of Razgatlioglu and Rea might face initial hiccups adjusting to new teams and bikes, which could affect their early season performance.
  2. Weight Regulation’s Impact on Bautista:
    • As one of the smaller riders, Bautista might be impacted by the weight regulation, which could affect his competitive edge, especially if Ducati doesn’t adapt swiftly.
  3. Unknown Variables with New Circuits:
    • New circuits mean unfamiliar terrains. There’s always a learning curve involved, which might lead to unexpected challenges and race outcomes.
  4. Packed July Schedule:
    • Two races in quick succession can strain the teams and riders. With races in the UK and Czech Republic in the same month, there’s less room for error, and both physical and mechanical fitness will be crucial.

Ducati, BMW and Yamaha

  • Busy Period: July stands out as a packed month with races in both the UK and the Czech Republic. This back-to-back scheduling can be demanding for teams, and it will be vital for them to ensure both the machine and rider are in optimum condition to tackle these challenges.

For fans of WorldSBK, the 2024 season promises a blend of the familiar with the freshness of new circuits and regulations. The rider movements, coupled with the strategic changes teams will have to adopt, mean that predictions are hard to make, ensuring a suspense-filled year of racing ahead.

In light of the developments set for the 2024 WorldSBK season, it is evident that fans and enthusiasts are in for an exhilarating ride. From significant rider changes, like Rea’s move to Yamaha and Toprak’s switch to BMW, to the introduction of weight regulations, and the unveiling of new circuits in Hungary and Northern Italy, the upcoming season is shaping up to be one of the most unpredictable and thrilling yet. As racers prepare to burn rubber on renowned circuits and newly introduced tracks, one thing remains certain: the WorldSBK will continue its legacy of delivering unparalleled racing action to the global motorsport arena.


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