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Second-generation Skoda Enyaq

Exciting times lie ahead for Skoda enthusiasts! In 2028, Skoda will launch the second-generation Enyaq, and this won’t be just any ordinary upgrade. The company has chosen this model to debut its transition from the MEB platform to the Volkswagen Group’s new SSP electric car platform.

Klaus Zellmer, the CEO of Skoda, shared these tidbits during the recent unveiling of the new Kodiaq. He mentioned that both Skoda’s Enyaq and Volkswagen’s electric successor to the Golf will embrace the SSP platform around the same time. And guess where Skoda will manufacture this new Enyaq? In Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic!


The success of the Enyaq iV, Skoda’s maiden bespoke electric car, has been impressive. Last year alone, Skoda shipped almost 54,000 Enyaqs. This year, the brand saw a 41% increase in shipments during the first half. Given such success, Skoda might not drastically alter the winning formula of the current Enyaq iV.


Design-wise, Skoda plans to give the Enyaq a fresh makeover, aligning it with their ‘Modern Solid’ design philosophy. We also hear that it will closely resemble the upcoming Skoda Space BEV electric seven-seater.

But the real game-changer lies in the SSP platform. This new platform promises better range, efficiency, power, and even affordability. It offers flexibility for various drivetrains and batteries, catering to the specific needs of each brand in the VW Group.

800V compatibility

One of the standout features we anticipate is the new ‘Unified’ battery structure. Skoda developed this in-house, aiming to achieve significant cost savings. Rumor has it, that this battery might reduce charging times dramatically – imagine getting a 10-80% charge in just about 12 minutes!

Furthermore, the SSP platform seeks to make electric vehicles as wallet-friendly as their combustion engine counterparts. This suggests we might see the next Enyaq priced similarly to the Kodiaq. On the tech front, the platform will boast a new software version, 2.0, which includes various enhancements, one of which is the capability for hands-free driving up to level four.

Pros of Skoda’s Transition to the SSP Platform for Enyaq:

  • Fresh Design: With the ‘Modern Solid’ design philosophy, the new Enyaq is set to have a fresh, updated look.
  • Improved Performance: The SSP platform promises better efficiency, power, and range compared to the MEB platform.
  • Faster Charging: The new ‘Unified’ battery structure might reduce charging times significantly, with potential 10-80% charges in just 12 minutes.
  • Cost Efficiency: The SSP platform aims to make EVs as affordable as their combustion engine counterparts, which could make the new Enyaq more accessible to a broader market.
  • Advanced Technology: The introduction of software stack 2.0 offers enhanced usability, functionality, and the capability for hands-free driving up to level four.
  • Flexibility: The SSP platform can adapt to various drivetrains and batteries, allowing for customization based on brand needs.
  • Sustainable Production: Manufacturing in Mlada Boleslav might lead to more sustainable production methods and reduced shipping emissions.
  • Consistency in Quality: Given the success of the Enyaq iV, Skoda likely will retain much of its quality and essence, ensuring customer trust.

Cons of Skoda’s Transition to the SSP Platform for Enyaq:

  • Unproven Platform: As the SSP is a new platform, there could be unforeseen technical issues or challenges that might arise after the launch.
  • Customer Adaptability: Existing customers might need time to adapt to the new design and technology changes, leading to initial hesitancy.
  • Economic Factors: Any new introduction can be sensitive to economic conditions. If the market is not receptive, the transition might face challenges.
  • Competition: Other brands might also introduce advanced features around the same time, making the market more competitive for Skoda.
  • Production Challenges: Transitioning to a new platform might bring about production hiccups or delays, especially in the initial phase.

Affordable and Practical

Company’s move to adopt the SSP platform for its Enyaq model in 2028 spells a significant leap forward in terms of design, technology, and affordability. We can’t wait to see it on the roads!

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