More than 25 Triumph Genuine Accessories are available, adding even more versatility and style to the Speed 400. Designed by the same engineers that created the Speed 400, with the same two-year unlimited mileage warranty, you can rest assured that each part will fit and suit your new Speed 400 perfectly.

Triumph Speed 400


Choose from various parts to make your Speed 400 how you want it. Direct replacement bullet indicators give a subtle new look and a touch of class with their satin black bodies and machined aluminium bezels. Or maybe you want to restyle the tank with different kneepads? A quilted seat with a stitched finish makes a statement and brings luxury to longer rides.


A twin silencer is yet another styling option, bringing a fresh new look with a familiar soundtrack.

  • LED Bullet indicators
  • Knee Pads
  • Quilted Seat
  • Twin Silencer
Triumph Speed 400 accessory Silencer
Triumph Speed 400 accessory knee pad


A full range of Speed 400-specific luggage has been created to add practicality to the fun. The perfect bike for commuting with touring capability, equipping the Speed 400 to cope with your cargo really couldn’t be easier. Choose from rugged pannier or rigid and semi-rigid top boxes, each with its bespoke mounting system, or, for those who prefer to travel light, a simple luggage rack, nylon tank or roll bag could be the perfect option. 

  • Rugged Pannier
  • Rigid and Semi-Rigid Top Boxes
  • Luggage Rack
  • Nylon Tank Bag
  • Nylon Roll Bag
Triumph Speed 400 riding shot


Protecting you and your Speed 400 from the elements is well taken care of. A screen with a dedicated fitting kit is available to deflect the wind to reduce rider fatigue on longer rides. Easy to fit, and styled to suit, this is a must-have addition for distance riders.

To keep the Speed 400 out of harm’s way on rougher roads, an aluminium sump guard, radiator guard and a headlight grille, with its bezel for easy fitment, all offer excellent protection from stone chips and debris.

All-weather riders might wish to add the mud splash kit that consists of front and rear mudguard extenders and a rear hugger. These combine beautifully to protect from water spray and to prolong the life of the rear shock absorber in extreme conditions.

Upper and lower engine bars are also available — these provide superb protection against drops and spills, an essential add-on for the city rider. 

  • Windscreen
  • Radiator Guard
  • Headlight Grille and Bezel
  • Aluminium Sump Guard
  • Mud Splash Kit
  • Upper and Lower Engine Bars
Triumph Speed 400 accessory flyscreen
Triumph Speed 400 accessory radiator guard


SEMI RIGID TOP BOX: Triumph’s 30-35 litre capacity, Semi Rigid Top Box, has a 5kg payload and plenty of room to accommodate one full-face helmet. Having a reinforced base with twin zips (expandable to a total 35-litre capacity), and a quick-release mounting mechanism, the Triumph Semi Rigid Top Box is the perfect commuting and touring companion.  Note: top box requires a luggage rack for fitment.

ROLL BAG: Triumph’s branded Roll Bag is fully waterproof, having a reinforced base, roll-top seal and welded seams, ensuring your content stays dry.  The roll bag features a dual-purpose compression strap and carry handles, an impressive 30-litre capacity, and a 3kg payload.

RUGGED PANNIER MOUNT: The Triumph 20-litre capacity single left-hand mounted rugged pannier is made from modern materials with contemporary, rugged styling. Includes a critical lockable mounting system for extra security. Black steel mounting rail included—5 kg payload.

NYLON TANK BAG: Triumph branded, modern, strap mounted Tank Bag. With an 8.5 litre capacity, there is also the space to hold a mobile phone up to 153x82mm with touch screen functionality. 3kg payload.

SILENCER:  A stainless steel twin silencer with Scrambler style inspiration has Triumph branding and includes a replacement heat shield.

BAR END MIRRORS: A pair of Bar End Mirrors constructed from cast and machined aluminium with a black anodised finish. They feature contrast-cut machined detailing and laser-etched Triumph symbol branding.

QUILTED SEAT: The stylish quilted seat gives extra elegance thanks to bespoke stitching and pattern detail.  A Triumph embroidered logo on the seat’s rear and contrasting vinyl add to the striking design allowing owners to customise their ride further.

SCREEN FITTING KIT: A fitting kit is required to install the flyscreen.


COATED SCREEN: The polycarbonate flyscreen is injection moulded, hard coated for durability and optical clarity, and offers increased wind protection.  The screen requires a specific mounting kit (dependent on the model)

FRONT PLATE FITTING KIT: A fitting kit required to install the front number plate when the accessory screen is fitted. (IN market only)

RADIATOR GUARD: Black-painted steel mesh grille for enhanced radiator protection.  Designed to blend seamlessly into the bike’s styling but still offer further protection from the road elements.

MUD SPLASH PROTECTION KIT: BAL markets the only kit for enhanced rider protection from mud splash

LUGGAGE RACK: The contemporary-styled, aluminium luggage rack and grab handles allow you to carry your essentials and give your pillion rider added comfort—a maximum payload of 5kg.

UPPER ENGINE BARS: The Triumph upper engine bars are made from mild tubular steel and come in a classy black textured finish. They offer additional protection in the event of a fall and compliment the bike’s styling.  They can be mounted individually or in conjunction with the lower bars.

LOWER ENGINE BARS: The Triumph lower engine bars are constructed using mild tubular steel and come in a classy black textured finish.  They offer additional protection in a fall and compliment the overall styling.  They can be mounted individually or with the upper bars.

SUMP GUARD: The aluminium Sump Guard offers additional protection to the engine sump. With a brushed silver finish, the lower section is pressed with laser-cut sides and supplied with all additional mountings and hardware.


KNEE PADS: A durable, self-adhesive rubber knee pad which offers additional protection to the side of the tank from scuffs and scratches, increasing rider comfort and grip. With Scrambler-inspired styling featuring embossed Triumph logo detail and a textured black finish.

TANK PAD: A self-adhesive, durable rubber tank pad that protects the tank from zip scuffs and wears. Features Triumph branding and complements the lines of the fuel tank.

TRACKER FITTING KIT: A Thatcham-approved 24/7 tracking device, which, when triggered by unauthorised movement or tampering, alerts via an external GPS transceiver so you know the location of your bike at all times. An annual subscription is required for full functionality.

HEADLIGHT GRILLE AND BEZEL: The durable moulded headlight grille has a stylish Triumph design, a black textured finish and can be mounted with the flyscreen kit. Complies with headlight regulations.

BULLET LED INDICATORS, FRONT: The piano black moulded body with turned aluminium bezel incorporates 6 High Power LEDs, making signalling highly visible in a compact 40mm diameter body.  Sold as a pair.

BULLET LED INDICATORS, REAR: The piano black moulded body with turned aluminium bezel incorporates 6 High Power LEDs, making signalling highly visible in a compact 40mm diameter body.  Sold as a pair.


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