In a recent interview, Maserati CEO Davide Grasso shared his plans for the future of the iconic brand.

Davide Grasso

Since taking over in 2019, Grasso has successfully returned Maserati to profitability and is now focused on producing a complete line of electric vehicles by 2025.


In addition, there are rumours the company may go public shortly. Grasso’s bold strategies in the luxury market and commitment to automotive excellence will surely make Maserati a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Here are five points on which Grasso talks in general

  1. Product Development: Research and development to design and engineer electric vehicles (EVs) or hybrid models. This involves developing new powertrain technologies, battery systems, and vehicle platforms tailored explicitly for electrification.

  2. Electrification Strategy: The CEO and executive team establish a clear electrification strategy for the company, including goals and timelines for introducing EVs and hybrid models into the product lineup. This strategy may involve partnerships with battery suppliers, technology companies, and infrastructure providers to ensure a successful transition to electric mobility.

Model lineup

  1. Model Lineup: Maserati plans and develops new electric or hybrid models to be introduced into their product lineup. This may involve converting existing models to electric or creating entirely new EV platforms. The goal is to offer various electrified options that meet customer demands and regulatory requirements.

  2. Manufacturing and Supply Chain: Investment in adapting their manufacturing facilities and supply chains to accommodate the production of EVs. This includes sourcing battery cells, establishing charging infrastructure, and training employees on new production processes for electric vehicles.

  3. Marketing and Sales: The company develops marketing campaigns and strategies to promote and sell its electric or hybrid models. This may involve highlighting the benefits of electric mobility, such as environmental sustainability and performance, to attract customers interested in luxury electric vehicles.

Source: Forbes

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