The AC Cobra holds an esteemed position in automotive history, combining British craftsmanship and American muscle to deliver an iconic sports car that is coveted by car enthusiasts worldwide. The debate over the car’s origin – whether it is predominantly an American or a British creation – continues to fascinate many. The reality, as the narrative indicates, is that both nations played a crucial role in bringing the Cobra to life.


COB 6035’s history provides a captivating journey through time. Starting its life in the UK, with ownership that shifted between Wales and England, and then venturing to the southern hemisphere in Australia, the Cobra has experienced varied climates, terrains, and stewardship. It’s intriguing to note that COB 6035 was not just a possession but was intertwined with the lives of its owners.

Brendan Bowles, for instance, transitioned from the Cobra to another classic, the GT40. Meanwhile, Geoff Burrowes, by registering it under his movie production company, saw the vehicle’s cinematic potential, immortalizing COB 6035 in the film “Running from the Guns”.


The car’s story doesn’t stop there. The journey of COB 6035 from Australia back to the UK adds another layer of intrigue. Its reunion with its original UK registration is like a homecoming after years of overseas adventures.

COB 6035 stands out not only due to its well-documented history but also due to its preserved state, which is rare for vehicles of its age. The car has managed to resist modifications and alterations that other Cobras have undergone, making it an authentic piece of history.


What’s heartwarming is the community around it – the AC Cobra enthusiasts who cherish and appreciate the vehicle’s lineage and strive to keep its spirit alive. The story of COB 6035 is not just about a car, but about the people who have cherished, maintained, and driven it, making it a living testament to the magic of the AC Cobra.

COB 6035 is a highly desirable car, and it is sure to be the envy of any car enthusiast. It is a true piece of automotive history, and it is sure to be appreciated in value over the years.


Today, the AC Cobra stands as a testament to innovation, collaboration, and passion. It reminds us that when two worlds come together, magic happens. Whether you see it gliding down a boulevard, hear its distinct growl, or feel its raw power as you grip the wheel, the AC Cobra captures the heart and soul of every car lover.

In conclusion, the AC Cobra is not just a car. It is an icon, a legend, and a symbol of the beautiful union of power and elegance. Its legacy continues to inspire and captivate, proving that some things just get better with age. If you need one you can get here.

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