Aaron Plessinger’s performance in the SuperMotocross World Championship (SMX) Finals series is commendable, especially considering the challenges he faced during the race in Los Angeles. Despite the difficulties of the night, including a challenging start that led to a crash in the first moto, Plessinger showcased his resilience and talent by securing a sixth-place finish in the second moto.

Some key points to consider:

  • Adaptable to Track Variations: Plessinger and other riders had to adapt to the unique elements of the Los Angeles track. This included the Supercross-type layout, which integrated sections of the LA Memorial Coliseum, emphasizing a blend of speed and skill.
  • Recovery and Resilience: After a difficult start and a crash in the opening race, where he finished 20th, Plessinger showcased his determination and skillset by fighting his way up to a sixth-place finish in the second moto. This resilience is essential for any racer looking to maintain consistent championship standings.
  • Strong Season Performance: Plessinger’s fifth-place finish in the SMX Finals series is an excellent achievement. This standing is the culmination of his efforts in the AMA Supercross Championship and Pro Motocross Championship, both of which contribute to the overall SMX rankings.
  • Promising Young Riders: The future looks bright for the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team. Alongside Plessinger, young contenders Maximus Vohland and Tom Vialle also showcased commendable performances, finishing seventh and eighth overall in the 250SMX category, indicating a strong foundation for the team in upcoming seasons.

The 2023 SuperMotocross World Championship season has clearly been a display of talent, determination, and teamwork for the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team, and with racers like Plessinger, Vohland, and Vialle in their lineup, fans can expect more thrilling races in the future.


Tom Vialle: “The night was pretty good until the second moto. I was leading the first moto and ended up third, so that was good and I felt great! I was also in a good position in the second moto before another rider hit me pretty hard in the corner, so I was really unlucky there. I was pretty upset because I could have fought for the podium and a good overall result, so it wasn’t what I hoped for. We were a little bit unlucky there, but it’s the way it is and now we look ahead to the Nations and focus on 2024 to be back again and as strong as possible.”


Meanwhile, 250SMX teammate Vohland charged to the fifth-quickest time in qualifying onboard his 250 SX-F on the technical LA circuit. A poor start in the opening moto saw the young Californian race to a ninth-place score, while seventh position in moto two saw him place ninth overall for the final round of SMX. That resulted in seventh in the championship.

Maximus Vohland:“It wasn’t the worst result for me this weekend, being ninth overall and seventh in the final SMX points, but I didn’t ride to my potential tonight across the two motos. Qualifying was positive earlier on though and I learned a lot this season that will help me keep building into the future.”

Results 450SMX Class – SMX Final
1. Jett Lawrence (AUS), Honda, 1-1
2. Ken Roczen (GER), Suzuki, 2-2
3. Cooper Webb (USA), Yamaha, 5-3
12. Aaron Plessinger (USA), KTM, 20-6

Results 250SMX Class – SMX Final
1. Haiden Deegan (USA), Yamaha, 5-2
2. Jo Shimoda (JPN), Kawasaki, 4-4
3. RJ Hampshire (USA), Husqvarna, 2-6
9. Maximus Vohland (USA), KTM, 9-7
10. Tom Vialle (FRA), KTM, 3-13
19. Derek Kelley (USA), KTM

Standings 450SMX Class 2023 after 3 of 3 finals
1. Jett Lawrence, 163 points
2. Ken Roczen, 146
3. Chase Sexton, 126
5. Aaron Plessinger, 104

Standings 250SMX Class 2023 after 3 of 3 finals
1. Haiden Deegan, 157 points
2. Jo Shimoda, 152
3. RJ Hampshire, 122
7. Maximus Vohland, 98
8. Tom Vialle, 90

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