Key Points

  • The Tata Punch EV will be launched in India later this year.
  • It will be the brand’s first sub-compact SUV to be offered with an electric powertrain.
  • The EV will arrive with a front-mounted charging port.
  • Expected to be powered by a 30kWh battery pack.
  • Could offer a range of around 200-300 km on a single charge.
  • The SUV is also expected to get a fast charging option.
  • The Punch EV is expected to be priced competitively.

Tata Punch EV

New spy images of the Tata Punch EV have recently emerged online, revealing a significant design shift—a front-mounted charging port situated just below the front grille. Unlike previous Tata EVs, which featured integrated charging ports under the fuel filler cap, this change aims to enhance convenience and visibility.

Spy images

The Punch EV retains the robust styling of its ICE counterpart, characterized by squared-off wheel arches and C-pillar-mounted rear door handles. The design is expected to include a blocked-off grille, similar to the Nexon EV, along with fresh-design alloy wheels.

Tata Punch EV spied with a front charging port


Convenience and Visibility

Inside, the Punch EV is set to receive a modernized update, highlighted by a 2-spoke steering wheel, a digital instrument cluster, and a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system. It’s important to note that the spied test car featured an older interior, which suggests ongoing refinements.

Tata Motors’ strategy involves offering multiple battery options for the Punch EV, catering to a range of approximately 200-300 km on a single charge. This approach accommodates various driving needs and aligns with the evolving EV market.

EV Landscape

As Tata Motors moves toward the launch of the Punch EV, enthusiasts and consumers can anticipate further official details and announcements. In a swiftly evolving EV landscape, manufacturers continually adapt their offerings to meet the demands of consumers and advancements in technology.


The Tata Punch EV showcases a notable evolution in design with its front-mounted charging port, a departure from previous models. The blend of rugged aesthetics, including squared-off wheel arches and C-pillar-mounted rear door handles, is set to continue, along with modern interior upgrades like the 2-spoke steering wheel, digital instrument cluster, and 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

The choice to offer multiple battery options with varying ranges reflects Tata’s commitment to accommodating diverse driving needs. As the Punch EV’s launch approaches, enthusiasts and consumers can eagerly anticipate forthcoming official announcements that align with the dynamic developments of the EV market and technological progress.

Source: @b.choww

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