In 2024, Alpine will step into the premier Hypercar class of the FIA World Endurance Championship, expanding its competition beyond Formula 1.

Top key points about Alpine’s plans to compete in the Hypercar class of the FIA World Endurance Championship starting in 2024:

  • Alpine will field two A424 LMDh race cars per season.
  • The A424 is powered by a turbocharged 3.4-litre V-6 engine and a single electric motor, which together produce 670 horsepower.
  • The A424 uses a chassis from Oreca, one of four approved chassis suppliers for LMDh cars.
  • Alpine is not planning to compete in the IMSA SportsCar Championship’s GTP class at this time.
  • Alpine is committed to the WEC for the long term and sees it as a way to showcase its performance credentials and build awareness for its brand in the United States.
  • The 2024 WEC season is scheduled to begin in Qatar on March 2. Alpine will be one of several new entries in the Hypercar class, including Lamborghini, Glickenhaus, and Porsche.
  • The season will also feature a return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which will be held on June 10-11, 2024.

Hypercar Class

The French performance brand will introduce the A424 for this endeavour. Recently, the A424 completed its initial test session at Circuit Paul Ricard in France, covering over 600 miles in extreme heat conditions. This test aimed to ensure the proper functioning of various vehicle systems.

2024 Alpine A424 LMDh race car


During the test, three of Alpine’s A424 drivers, namely Nicolas Lapierre, Matthieu Vaxiviere, and Charles Milesi, took turns behind the wheel. The car showcased promising performance, gathering valuable data for analysis ahead of the upcoming test session in September.

Balance of Performance

The A424 is designed according to LMDh regulations, one of the eligible car types in the Hypercar class. It will also face competition from LMH race cars, with Balance of Performance rules in place for fair competition. Similar rules apply to the IMSA SportsCar Championship’s premier GTP class.

2024 Alpine A424 LMDh race car

Oreca Chassis

Powering the A424 is a turbocharged 3.4-litre V-6 engine coupled with a single electric motor. LMDh rules cap the powertrain’s output at 670 hp, promoting an even playing field among competitors. The car’s chassis is sourced from Oreca, adhering to the LMDh requirement of using donor chassis from specific suppliers.

2024 Alpine A424 LMDh race car

F1 Program

Alpine’s commitment spans four WEC seasons, with plans to field two A424 cars each season. The brand will collaborate closely with its current endurance racing partner, Signatech. Notably, while LMDh cars can compete in the North American SportsCar Championship’s GTP class, Alpine is focusing on its F1 program to raise awareness in the U.S. ahead of its anticipated 2027 launch as an EV performance brand.

2024 Alpine A424 LMDh race car

Looking ahead, the 2024 WEC season is set to kick off on March 2nd in Qatar. Alpine’s entry will be met with Lamborghini’s SC63 LMDh, adding to the competition and excitement of the upcoming season.


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