Chinese automaker Changan has introduced a new brand of electric and hybrid cars named Qiyuan. The brand aims to achieve annual sales of 1.5 million vehicles by 2030 and to launch ten products by 2025.

Changan unveiled the new brand, Qiyuan, this weekend. The Qiyuan range includes three series: ‘A’, ‘Q’, and ‘E0’. It will offer battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) and range extender vehicles (EREVs) under this brand.

Qiyuan Brand

Changan plans to invest 200 billion yuan (approximately 25.4 billion euros) by 2030 for building its brands and will hire more than 10,000 people for research and development teams.


Qiyuan is Changan’s third brand in the new energy vehicle sector, alongside Avatr and Deepal. The three brands are expected to sell a combined four million vehicles annually by 2030. All three brands focus on electric sedans with advanced connectivity features.

Sustainable Transportation

Qiyuan’s initial lineup includes four models launching this year: A05, A06, A07, and Q05. A07, a 4.90-meter-long sedan, will be available in purely electric and range extender versions. It offers different power levels, battery choices, and impressive ranges according to Chinese standards.

Research and Development teams

Changan’s Avatr brand, developed with CATL, is also preparing to launch its second model, the Avatr 12, a five-meter-long electric sedan based on a shared 750-volt platform.

The Avatr brand was initially established in 2018 as ‘Changan Nio’ in partnership with Nio, a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer. However, Nio largely exited the joint venture due to development challenges. Currently, Changan and CATL hold the majority of shares in the Avatr brand.


Changan’s introduction of the Qiyuan brand marks a significant step in its pursuit of a prominent position in the electric and hybrid vehicle market. With ambitious sales targets and a diverse product range, Qiyuan aims to contribute substantially to Changan’s overall growth strategy.

The unveiling of Qiyuan, alongside Changan’s existing brands Avatr and Deepal, underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and advanced mobility solutions. As the electric vehicle sector continues to evolve, Changan’s multi-brand approach positions it to capture a significant share of the market and shape the future of sustainable transportation.

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