Key Points

  • Nio did not unveil the new EC6 at the Chengdu auto show, which starts today.
  • The company did not hold a press conference at the event like it did last year.
  • Nio is presenting a full lineup of models at the Chengdu auto show, including the ES8, ES6, ES7, ET5, ET7, EC7, and ET5 Touring.
  • Nio also showed off the EP9 electric supercar at the show.
  • The new EC6 was expected to be unveiled at the Chengdu auto show, but it was not.
  • There are a few possible reasons why Nio did not unveil the new EC6, including production issues, quality control concerns, or simply a desire to wait for a more opportune time to launch the vehicle.


Nio’s much-anticipated new model, the EC6, was notably absent from the Chengdu auto show, which commenced today. Despite prior speculations and even leaked images of the EC6 without camouflage and with an official license plate, the unveiling did not take place at the event. Unlike the previous year when Nio held a press conference, this time, the company refrained from hosting such an event at the Chengdu auto show.


Nio’s extensive display at Hall 10 features its complete range of models including the ES8, ES6, ES7, ET5, ET7, EC7, and ET5 Touring. The showcase also includes the EP9 electric supercar. To engage visitors, Nio replicated its flagship showroom, Nio House, at the event venue. This immersive space spans two floors, presenting various themed areas like the Living room, Library, Nio Café, and Joy Camp.



Despite prior glimpses of the uncamouflaged new EC6 model, which even sported an official license plate in leaked images shared by local automotive media Auto Home on August 3, the model’s official unveiling did not materialize at this year’s Chengdu auto show. Nio’s decision to forgo the EC6 reveal and the absence of a press conference has left industry observers speculating about the reasons behind this unexpected turn of events. Further insights from Nio are eagerly awaited to shed light on their strategy regarding the EC6’s launch.


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