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Key Points

  • Markus Baum will be the new Chief Commercial Officer of Europe for CATL, effective 1 November 2023.
  • This is a new position will bundle sales functions at the local level for the first time.
  • Baum joins CATL from fastener manufacturer Bulten, where he was also CCO.
  • He will be responsible for integrating, structuring and developing CATL’s commercial operations in Europe.
  • Baum is an expert in sustainable distribution structures and has many years of experience in the commercial sector.
  • He is confident he can make a significant contribution to CATL’s development in Europe.
  • CATL has also announced its presence at the IAA Mobility in Munich, where Baum will be present.
  • The company will be spotlighting its recently introduced new battery called Shenxing.

Markus Baum

Starting from November 1, 2023, Markus Baum will lead CATL’s commercial activities in Europe as the new Chief Commercial Officer in Europe. This role, which bundles local sales functions, aims to integrate and develop CATL’s commercial operations on the continent.

Previously the CCO at Bulten, where he successfully restructured the global sales system, Baum’s appointment underlines CATL’s commitment to driving its presence in Europe’s evolving electric mobility landscape.


Commercial Operations

In his statement, Baum expressed enthusiasm for contributing to the development of future technologies and advancing electromobility. He highlighted the transformative impact of decarbonization and emission reduction efforts across industries, stressing CATL’s dedication to making a substantial contribution in collaboration with partners.

Welcoming Baum, Mathias Hüttenrauch, CEO of CATL Europe, praised his expertise in sustainable distribution structures and noted his potential to significantly bolster CATL’s European growth.

Battery Cell Production

CATL introduced the “CEO Europe” role following the launch of battery cell series production in Germany. With a substantial investment of up to 1.8 billion euros, CATL plans to expand production capacity to 14 GWh in the future, creating around 2,000 new jobs in Germany. The Thuringia plant, where the initial capacity is 8 GWh, already employs 1,000 individuals from 30 countries.


CATL’s participation in the IAA Mobility event in Munich was also highlighted, where they showcased their new fast-charging LFP battery for electric vehicles named Shenxing. This battery is set to enter series production by the end of 2023.


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