Nio, a Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, has opened its Innovation Centre in Berlin Friedrichshain. The centre, housed in an old brick building on Rotherstraße, will focus on developing and localizing global applications for Nio vehicles and testing and validating them in Europe.


With this expansion, Nio aims to attract world-class software developers and engineers to work on the future of user-experience-defined vehicles.

The Berlin Innovation Centre will have five teams: Digital Systems, Digital Development, Digital Cockpit, Autonomous Driving, and Nio Power. Nio Power is responsible for the charging infrastructure and battery swap stations.




The European infrastructure for Nio Power will also focus on research and development at the Berlin centre. Benjamin Steinmetz, the European Product Experience Director, announced that the team will soon deliver a new “Smart Charging” package to vehicles through Firmware-Over-The-Air-Update (FOTA), including functions such as price-optimized charging.

Nio already has a design centre in Munich. With the addition of the Berlin Innovation Centre, Nio’s development work is now taking place in three continents: Asia, North America, and Europe. Currently employing over 10,000 people worldwide, with around 6,000 specializing in software development, Nio is expanding its global network and involvement in the EV industry.


Nio emphasizes its commitment to software updates and claims to have conducted over 80 FOTA updates in the past five years, adding over 450 new functions and more than 600 updates. FOTA updates improve functions at the system level, such as performance, vehicle control systems, driving comfort, and driver assistance systems. On the other hand, SOTA updates, which Nio also offers, focus on navigation updates or improved graphics.

One of Nio’s notable achievements highlighted during the Innovation Centre’s opening is that they have never had to recall a car for software reasons. The new Berlin centre aims to maintain this track record and contribute to Nio’s software development capabilities.

The establishment of Nio’s Innovation Centre in Berlin brings several benefits to the company and the EV industry:

  • Access to world-class talent: By setting up the centre in Berlin, Nio aims to attract top software developers and engineers from Europe. The city has a vibrant tech and startup scene, making it an attractive location for skilled professionals in the industry. Access to this talent pool can enhance Nio’s software development capabilities and contribute to innovation in smart vehicle technology.

  • Localization and validation: With the Berlin centre, Nio can localize global applications and test and validate them in Europe. This is crucial for adapting Nio vehicles to European markets and ensuring compliance with regional regulations and preferences. Localized features and validated functionalities can improve the overall user experience and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Research and development focus: Nio Power’s European infrastructure, including charging infrastructure and battery swap stations, will have a research and development focus at the Berlin Innovation Centre. This emphasis on R&D can lead to advancements in charging technologies, battery efficiency, and overall infrastructure development, promoting the growth of the EV industry in Europe.

  • Firmware-Over-The-Air (FOTA) updates: Nio’s strong commitment to FOTA updates ensures that customers receive regular software enhancements and new vehicle features. These updates can improve system performance, vehicle control, driving comfort, and driver assistance systems. By delivering updates over the air, Nio can efficiently roll out improvements to its vehicles, keeping them up to date and enhancing their capabilities without needing physical visits to service centres.

  • Seamless integration of new services: Integrating services like “Smart Charging” and video-on-demand platforms demonstrates Nio’s focus on providing added value to its customers. The “Smart Charging” package enables users to optimize their electricity costs by accessing the cheapest electricity tariffs in real time. The integration of video-on-demand services offers entertainment options during travel. These features enhance the overall user experience and differentiate Nio’s vehicles in the market.

  • Strong software track record: Nio’s claim of never having to recall a car for software reasons highlights the company’s commitment to delivering reliable and secure software systems. The Berlin Innovation Centre can contribute to maintaining this track record by focusing on software development and ensuring rigorous testing and quality control processes.


The opening of Nio’s Innovation Centre in Berlin marks an important milestone for the company and the electric vehicle (EV) industry. With this new centre, Nio aims to attract top software developers and engineers, leveraging the city’s thriving tech scene and talent pool.

The centre will focus on localizing global applications, testing and validating them in Europe, and advancing research and development efforts, particularly in charging infrastructure and battery technology.


Nio’s strong emphasis on Firmware-Over-The-Air (FOTA) updates demonstrates its commitment to delivering regular software enhancements and new features to its customers. This approach allows for seamless integration of services like “Smart Charging,” enabling users to optimize their electricity costs and video-on-demand platforms for entertainment during travel.

Track Record

Moreover, Nio’s exceptional track record of never having recalled a car for software reasons is a testament to its dedication to providing reliable and secure software systems. The Berlin Innovation Centre will play a pivotal role in maintaining and further strengthening this track record through its focus on software development and rigorous quality control processes.

Establishing Nio’s Innovation Centre in Berlin brings numerous benefits to the company, including access to top talent, localization capabilities, research and development advancements, and a customer-centric approach through regular software updates. It represents a significant step towards Nio’s goal of shaping the future of user-experience-defined vehicles and further solidifies its position as a leading player in the global EV market.


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