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Deus and Zero join forces to create custom SR/S

Deus Ex Machina and Zero Motorcycles goes on to build a sublime electric modern cafe racer. Michael Woolaway is the man behind this genius idea. In the past, Michael was responsible for multiple successful conversions.  Foundry MC’s Journey Horex 2020 Models Custom Ducati 750 ss by Cedric Tenquir RS 660 is again spied Michael talks […]Read More

WYLD Emos electric scooter is all set to arrive in

WYLD EMos Mini Chopper is all set to arrive in Australia. Now, this does come with the electric drive. The uber-cool electric scooter comes with multiple battery size options, and they are 12, 20 or 30 Ah.  The scooter or chopper as few may say is for those who want to boost their bike lifestyle. Specs […]Read More

Ed Motorcycles brings the Z concept

Imagine an electric flat tracker with minimalistic design and structure. Even though the concept Z by Ed Motorcycles is in the nascent phase, it does captivate attention. And there are high chances when you see it you may want to experience it. Take a closer look, and one can see placed at the bottom is […]Read More

Katalis ev 1000 special edition “The Arsenale”

The partnership between the Indonesian designers and ” The Arsenale ” has brought this output. The name is Katalis EV. 1000, special edition: ′′ The Arsenale ′′.The Katalis has a dark aura and geomtery. The geometry is simple but then quite intriguing to look as it follows the earlier sibling the Katalis EV. 500, which […]Read More

How soon do we see the electric Jawa?

The question about Jawa is in the process to develop the electric motorcycle is not new. And we have heard this news since the past few months. However, the electric Jawa renders from Sreejith Krishnan has added more fuel to the fire. No doubt India is a vast potential motorcycle market. Plus India is working […]Read More

Yamaha XT 500 H2O electric concept

Yamaha XT 500 H2O concept Future is innovative and it is one good reason why Yamaha requested the Maxime Lefebvre to bring something new. One of the inputs from Yamaha to Lefebvre was to search for alternative drives. Lefebvre came up with a innovative Yamaha XT 500 H2O concept. And as the name says the […]Read More

Golden GMX electric supermoto by Daren Crigler

Daren Crigler talks on his upcoming electric supermoto build. I’m proud and excited to finally share the new full-size MX bike I’ve been designing for Golden Motor over the past several months.  The bike design encompasses all the knowledge I have gained over the past several years through my various builds. It also includes every design […]Read More

Beach mad from Velocifero

First impressions. What could this be? Is it possible to bring such a design in production? The design has a thin waist with large tires. No doubt Italians do everything with style. The Velocifero as a manufacturer is pretty much naive to the outside world and has few electric powered scooters in its stable.  However, the other […]Read More

Electric Punch is here to commute

Artem Smirnov packs a lot of Punch in this little electric commuter. The bike gets the two quick-detachable battery packs, and those can be easily separated. Well like any other electric motorcycle Artem says as there is no gasoline smell. And it comes with compact dimensions makes it possible to store in the stairway next to […]Read More

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