Key Points

About the new Nimbus electric motorcycle:

  • The motorcycle is based on the classic Nimbus Type C design from 1934 to 1965.
  • It will be powered by an electric motor, making it more environmentally friendly and easier to maintain.
  • Scheduled to go into production in 2025.

Here are some additional details about the motorcycle:

  • We are looking at the motorcycle, which will arrive at 75 miles per hour.
  • The motorcycle will get 100 miles on a single charge.
  • It will weigh 400 pounds.
  • The price of the bike is expected to start around $20,000.

Nimbus is a Danish motorcycle manufacturer that was founded in 1918. The company’s most popular model was the Type C, produced from 1934 to 1965. The Type C was a shaft-driven motorcycle with a 22-horsepower engine. It was popular with the Danish military, government, and civilians.


Nimbus, a 20th-century motorcycle manufacturer, originated in the Nilfisk company, which initially focused on electric motors and vacuum cleaners. 


Although the Nimbus motorcycles were primarily popular in Denmark and had applications for military, governmental, and civilian use within the country, they did not gain significant popularity internationally due to the company’s decision not to export them.

In recent years, a Danish entrepreneur named Claus Støvlbæk Clausen took it upon himself to revive the Nimbus brand and honour its heritage.


After acquiring the rights to the Nimbus trademark and technology, he collaborated with the design firm 3Part to develop an electric version of the Nimbus motorcycle, drawing inspiration from the original Type C model. The aim is to begin production of the electric motorcycle around 2025, with plans for an electric bicycle as well.


Nimbus was a motorcycle manufacturer that originated from the Nilfisk company, known for its electric motors and vacuum cleaners. The Nimbus Type C, introduced in 1934, became the company’s most popular model, primarily used in Denmark’s military, governmental, and civilian applications.

In recent years, the Nimbus brand has been revived by Claus Støvlbæk Clausen, who acquired the rights to the trademark and technology. Working with the design firm 3Part, they have developed plans for an electric Nimbus motorcycle, aiming to begin production around 2025. Additionally, an electric bicycle is also planned.

While providing a personal opinion without visual references is difficult, reviving a historic motorcycle brand with an electric twist seems interesting. It blends classic design elements with modern technology, which could appeal to both enthusiasts and collectors. The success and reception of the Nimbus electric motorcycle and bicycle will be interesting to observe in the future.

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