Key Points

  • KTM is interested in signing Marc Marquez in 2025 when his contract with Honda expires.
  • Marquez is one of the most successful riders in MotoGP history, with eight world championships to his name.
  • KTM is a young team, but they have made significant progress in recent years.
  • The addition of Marquez would give KTM a major boost in their quest for success.
  • It is not yet clear whether Marquez will actually sign with KTM in 2025.
  • KTM would be a major force in MotoGP if they were able to sign Marc Marquez.


KTM aims to recruit Marc Marquez as their dream rider, potentially in 2025 when he becomes a free agent, after failing to secure his move for the upcoming season.

Francesco Guidotti, the team manager, envisions a 2024 championship with the Brad Binder-Jack Miller duo and hints at considering Marquez and Acosta in 2025, as KTM hopes to expand their grid presence beyond four bikes.



Marc Marquez

Marquez’s belief in KTM becoming the leading manufacturer is welcomed by Guidotti, who hopes their progress continues and they become title contenders. Guidotti acknowledges Marquez’s early association with KTM in the 125cc category in 2009.


Despite Marquez’s contract with Honda until 2024, KTM remains focused on technical aspects and is content with its current riders. Guidotti acknowledges the talent of young rider Pedro Acosta but points out the need for improvement in various areas for success in MotoGP.

Guidotti acknowledges ongoing decisions about Acosta’s placement and mentions challenges with fielding more than four bikes due to the team’s growth phase. He believes having five or six bikes could be distracting and emphasizes the need for consistent performance before expanding the team further.


KTM’s interest in Marc Marquez stems from his proven track record as a highly successful and skilled rider in the MotoGP world. Marquez has consistently demonstrated exceptional talent and has secured numerous championship titles. His experience and ability to compete at a top level make him an attractive prospect for any racing team, including KTM.


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