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Volkswagen is preparing to launch the next-generation Tiguan, featuring smoother styling and advanced technology.

The new model showcases a wide lower grille opening in the front bumper and a prominent light bar between the front headlights. Renderings of the rear reveal a full-width taillight element and a robust, boxy rear-end bumper design.

Here are some of the key features of the new Tiguan:

  • Larger and more spacious interior
  • New design with a wider light bar between the headlights
  • Large, landscape-oriented infotainment display
  • 10.25-inch driver’s display
  • Updated MQB EVO platform
  • Gas, diesel, and plug-in hybrid powertrains
  • Available front- and all-wheel drive

Next-generation Tiguan

Inside, the Tiguan boasts a spacious cabin with a large landscape-oriented infotainment display on the dash, available in 12.9 and 15.0-inch options based on the trim. Additionally, a 10.25-inch screen behind the steering wheel serves as the driver’s display.


Built on the updated MQB EVO architecture, the upcoming Tiguan is slightly larger, with a 1.25-inch increase in length and a 0.2-inch increase in height. Notably, the wheelbase and width remain consistent.

Powertrain options will include gas, diesel, and plug-in hybrid variants, with choices for both front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive configurations.

MQB EVO Architecture

Volkswagen plans to unveil the new Tiguan this fall, followed by European sales in the first quarter of the subsequent year. The US market will receive the model later. Although pricing details are not confirmed, the new Tiguan’s cost may approach the $30,000 range.

This aligns with the prevailing trend of higher prices in the compact SUV segment, where the Tiguan competes against rivals like the Chevrolet Equinox, Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, and Hyundai Santa Fe.


In conclusion, Volkswagen’s upcoming next-generation Tiguan promises a refined blend of style, technology, and performance. With its smoother design highlighted by a distinctive front grille and innovative light bar, the Tiguan is set to make a bold statement on the road. The interior offers a spacious and tech-forward experience, featuring a large infotainment display on the dash and a driver-oriented screen behind the steering wheel.


Built on the updated MQB EVO architecture, the new Tiguan’s larger dimensions provide a hint of enhanced comfort and versatility. The model’s powertrain options, spanning gas, diesel, and plug-in hybrid variants, coupled with the choice of front-wheel or all-wheel drive, ensure a tailored driving experience to suit different preferences.

Market Debut

Volkswagen’s plans to reveal the new Tiguan later this year, followed by its European market debut, mark an exciting chapter for the popular SUV. While pricing details are still under wraps, the Tiguan’s potential move toward the $30,000 range reflects the evolving landscape of the compact SUV segment.

As it enters the market, the next-gen Tiguan will undoubtedly continue to compete with the segment’s top contenders, asserting its presence as a versatile and appealing option for SUV enthusiasts.

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