Ferrari’s Disappointing Performance in Canadian Grand Prix Qualifying

Ferrari faced a surprising setback during the F1 Canadian Grand Prix qualifying session. Despite their recent triumph in Monaco, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz were unable to advance past Q2, finishing 11th and 12th, respectively.

Lack of Grip: A Major Issue for Ferrari

One of the key issues Ferrari encountered was a lack of grip. Charles Leclerc expressed his frustration, saying, “It just feels bad. There is no grip at all, and the tyres never felt ready. This is the biggest problem.” Both dry and wet conditions posed challenges for Ferrari, significantly impacting their performance.

Tire Strategy Missteps Cost Ferrari Dearly

Ferrari’s decision to use their only set of new soft tyres at the beginning of Q2 backfired. They anticipated rain that did not materialize, forcing Leclerc and Sainz to run on used softs when the track conditions were at their best. This strategic error placed them at a disadvantage compared to other teams.


Carlos Sainz Reflects on Qualifying Challenges

Carlos Sainz echoed Leclerc’s sentiments, suggesting that a better tire strategy could have seen them through to Q3. “I think if we had done everything perfect with the running of the new tyre at the end of Q2 and not at the beginning…maybe Q3 was possible today,” Sainz remarked.

Ferrari Team Principal Fred Vasseur’s Take on Qualifying

Fred Vasseur, Ferrari’s team principal, acknowledged the team’s difficulties with tire performance and the tight competition. He emphasized that minor mistakes can have significant consequences in such a competitive field.

Learning from Ferrari’s Canadian Grand Prix Setback

Despite the disappointing result, Ferrari is focused on analyzing their performance to identify areas for improvement. Leclerc emphasized the need for review, stating, “We don’t understand it yet. We’ve got to look into it because since FP3 we’ve been nowhere.”

Future Prospects for Ferrari in the F1 Season

Looking ahead, Ferrari aims to address the issues encountered in Montreal and refine their strategy for upcoming races. Their ability to adapt and learn from this experience will be crucial for their pursuit of success in the 2024 season.

Key Takeaways from Ferrari’s Qualifying Performance at the Canadian Grand Prix

  • Grip Issues: Ferrari struggled with a severe lack of grip, hindering their performance.
  • Tire Strategy Missteps: Errors in tire strategy during Q2 had a significant impact on their qualifying results.
  • Driver Feedback: Insights from Leclerc and Sainz highlighted key performance issues and strategic flaws.
  • Competitive Field: The tight competition in F1 means even minor mistakes can have major repercussions.
  • Future Adjustments: Ferrari is committed to understanding and addressing these issues for better performance in future races.

Conclusion: Ferrari’s Path to Improvement

Ferrari’s performance in the Canadian Grand Prix qualifying highlighted several areas needing attention, from grip issues to strategic decisions. By addressing these aspects, the team aims to improve in future races and continue their pursuit of success in the 2024 season.


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