Aprilia RSV4 gets a whole lot richer with the new SC1-R Exhaust

 Aprilia RSV4 gets a whole lot richer with the new SC1-R Exhaust

Can SC Project pull this off? Are there enough hardcore Aprilia RSV4 owners that will want this style of exhaust? 

You best believe they will. And if you don’t know who SC-Project is, you better check them out. 

They’re manufactured here in Italy and hand-built out carbon fiber and titanium to give your bike a sexy look. 

With prices between two and three thousand dollars per exhaust, they’re going to be a hard sell for the budget-conscious. 

But if a beautiful-sounding sports bike is something you desire, you can’t go wrong with a set of SC-Project pipes on your Aprilia RSV4.

Aprilia, an Italian manufacturer of sport motorcycles, offers a moderately high-spec machine for the street. 

However, the Aprilia RSV4 1100 still has legs to go head-to-head with racers, as it’s essentially a race bike with lights and a full-fairing. 

After all, the “R” in the name stands for “road”, which means that this isn’t your ordinary super-bike that’s been watered down for foolhardy riders.


Aprilia RSV4 1100 is already a capable motorcycle with a stock exhaust system, but people want more. 

However, the SC-Project has unrestricted street-legal performance in mind with the SC1-R slip-on exhaust for Aprilia RSV4 1100.

The SC1-R performance muffler is the latest creation from the stables of SC-Project, a brand that has been making waves in the European market for a while now. 


Essentially, this exhaust system is a race version of the SC1 street exhaust for Aprilia’s freshly launched RSV4. 

The SC1-R enhances the engine performance by enabling it to breathe better, deletes EU sound regulations, and helps in fitting with an overall lighter package. 

However, despite its end goal of producing more power and improving exhaust gas scavenging, this slip-on pleases both riders with practicality and racers looking for enhanced aesthetics.ECU remapping is NOT required.

How does it enhance the RSV4?

  • Weight :-3,3 Kg (Stock 5,6 Kg / SC 2,3 Kg)
  • Power :+7,2 hp @ 7750 rpm (with dB-killer),+9,1 hp @ 8000 rpm (without dB-killer)
  • Torque:+6,5 Nm @ 7750 rpm (with Db-killer),+8,0 Nm @ 8000 rpm (without Db-killer)
  • Noise level:106 dB @ 6500 rpm (with Db-killer),111 dB @ 6500 rpm (without Db-killer)

Available from December 2021, the exhaust costs 1,049 Euros ($1,217).

via SC-Project


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