As motorcycle technology advances, so must their safety. Autoliv’s plans to roll out new moto-specific airbag tech in 2025 is an excellent step in the right direction. Airbag technology has been proven effective in reducing injuries in car accidents, and there is no reason to believe that it would not be equally effective in motorcycle accidents.


The bag-on-bike airbag system that Autoliv is developing is exciting. This system would be handy in over-the-bar scenarios, where the riders could sustain injuries to their torso and lower extremities upon being flung over the bars. This system has the potential to save a lot of lives and prevent a lot of serious injuries.



Autoliv is working with road safety organization MIROS to develop further safety technology surrounding two-wheelers. This collaboration will help to ensure that the airbag system is as safe and effective as possible.

Autoliv’s plans for the future of motorcycle safety are very promising. I’m excited to see how this technology develops in the coming years.

Here are some additional thoughts on the matter:

  • Airbag technology is not a perfect solution, but it is a valuable tool that can help reduce motorcycle accident injuries.
  • It is important to note that airbag systems do not replace proper safety gear. Riders should still wear helmets, jackets, and other protective gear when riding a motorcycle.
  • Autoliv’s bag-on-bike airbag system is still in development, and it still needs to be made clear how much it will cost or when it will be available. However, this technology has the potential to impact motorcycle safety significantly.

Here are some of the benefits of airbag technology for motorcycles:

  • Airbags can help to reduce the severity of injuries in the event of a crash.
  • It can help to protect riders from head, neck, and chest injuries.
  • It also can help to prevent riders from being thrown from their bikes.
  • Airbags can help to make motorcycles safer for both riders and passengers.


Aairbag technology has the potential to impact motorcycle safety significantly. Autoliv’s bag-on-bike airbag system will be a success, and it will be adopted by motorcycle manufacturers worldwide.

Autoliv and Marketwatch


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