Axial Hub Motor an Open Source Framework for Electric Cars And Motorcycles

 Axial Hub Motor an Open Source Framework for Electric Cars And Motorcycles

About Occupy Cars

Occupy Cars is creating open source equipment and programming segments to change the combustion motor vehicles to electric. As electric portability is the most sensible advance towards a more maintainable future comprehensively, a mutual open source electric drivetrain stage will empower everyone worldwide to deliver, convert and offer transformation electric vehicles and help accelerate the progress to reasonable versatility.

The Framework

The Occupy Cars framework will be included all the fundamental segments you have to change over your conventional gaz-fuzzler to electric. The improvement has just started with the BORGI-Hubmotor which is by all accounts a promising design for a disentangled change and conceivably takes into consideration 2WD and 4WD setups. The records for the BORGI model can be downloaded down underneath by means of GitHub.

Why do it 

We cherish autos however we likewise understand that 100 years of ignition motor vehicles left a blemish on planet earth. A huge number of individuals kick the bucket on account of ignition motor related air polution.

Also, with the end goal to turn away the most cataclysmic environmental change situations we need to revamp our portability and vitality area quick.

The vehicle business is gradually following the lead of Tesla, however even with todays generation limit completely devoted towards the creation of electric vehicles, the progress of the overall armada would in any case take 30-40 years.

We imagine that if all the intrigued individuals would be included and empowered by means of open source information, we could all likely be driving electric in 5-10 years.


Axial Hub Motor Features

“The outer diameter of the motor should be compatible with 18” rims. The design is adaptable to other rim diameters.It weighs approx. 15kg.

It’s not fully tested yet but we have run it with 20KW (300A, 72V with no load) of power and did not notice any significant heat buildup.

Our guesstimate is that you can presumably run it up to 60KW. When you run it with no load on it, with 20kw it achieves 10000rpm snappy. You ought not run it higher than 10000 rpm!!!

Giving it a chance to turn quicker is extremely unsafe and can result in serious damage on the off chance that it breaks separated! Try to run the engine in a security lodging just to keep any damage or harm to your property!

In the event that you siphon more vitality through it ensure there is a fitting counter power to keep the rpm underneath 10000 rpm!”- content from OCCUPY CARS GITHUB PROJECT.

Source : Occupy Cars



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