BMW’s decision to champion electrification has never been clearer. Their latest unveiling, the Vision Neue Klasse concept at the Munich Motor Show, provides a thrilling glimpse into an electrified future. Here’s a deep dive into the heart of BMW’s bold innovation.

Here are some of the key features of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse concept:

  • Broader, horizontal interpretation of the kidney grilles
  • Expansive side windows
  • Slimline LED light designs
  • “Monolithic” silhouette
  • Minimalist interior with only the bare minimum of physical controls
  • Next-generation EV platform with 30% more range, 30% faster charging, and 25% more efficiency
  • New Gen6 lithium-ion batteries that are 20% more energy-dense and able to charge at up to 270kW
  • Built at BMW’s new factory in Debrecen, Hungary

Driving the Electric Ambition Forward:

  • BMW electrifies every segment: By the end of 2023, BMW will roll out an electric vehicle for each core market segment. Their aggressive targets don’t stop there. They aim for electric vehicles to represent over a quarter of their global sales by 2025, and an impressive one-third by 2026.

  • Neue Klasse Revolutionizes BMW’s Line-up: Six cutting-edge Neue Klasse electric vehicles will hit the roads over the next 24 months, designed to cater to a diverse range of customer needs – from SUV lovers to sedan enthusiasts.


Designing the Electric Future:

  • Exterior Evolution: Drawing inspiration from the i Vision Dee concept, the Vision Neue Klasse boasts a broader kidney grille, expansive side windows, and slimline LED lights. A streamlined monolithic silhouette enhances its futuristic appeal, while the car’s headlights come to life with animations as users approach.

  • Minimalist Interiors, Maximum Impact: Step inside, and you’ll find a cockpit stripped of unnecessary controls. BMW has replaced the iconic iDrive rotary control with a state-of-the-art central touchscreen. A Panoramic Vision head-up display stretches across the windscreen, operable via a steering wheel switch and intuitive hand gestures. Vivid yellow corduroy upholstery, a distinct steering wheel, and a floating centre console add finesse to the interiors.

Technical Innovations that Drive Change:

  • Superior EV Platform: BMW promises a 30% boost in range, 30% faster charging, and 25% more efficiency in their next-gen EV platform.

  • Batteries that Go the Extra Mile: BMW’s Gen6 lithium-ion batteries promise more than just longevity. These cylindrical batteries outperform their predecessors with a 20% increase in energy density, charge rates soaring up to 270kW, and a staggering potential range of 1000km.

  • Sustainability at its Core: Cost efficiencies aren’t the only highlight. BMW estimates a 50% cost reduction in the battery design and production process. Furthermore, the manufacturing of these EVs in their eco-friendly Debrecen, Hungary plant emphasizes BMW’s commitment to a greener planet.


  • Broadens Electric Reach: By 2023, BMW will introduce an electric car for every core market segment, capturing a diverse audience.
  • Impressive Sales Projection: BMW aims to have electric cars account for over a quarter of global sales by 2025 and one-third by 2026.
  • Diverse Range: BMW plans to release six distinct Neue Klasse electric vehicles within 24 months, ensuring variety for customers.
  • Innovative Design: The Vision Neue Klasse showcases a futuristic design, drawing from the i Vision Dee concept, and includes interactive headlights.
  • Minimalistic, User-Friendly Interiors: The interiors feature fewer physical controls, a state-of-the-art touchscreen, and a panoramic head-up display for a seamless user experience.
  • Advanced Battery Technology: The next-gen Gen6 lithium-ion batteries boast 20% more energy density, faster charging up to 270kW, and a potential 1000km range.
  • Sustainable Manufacturing: BMW’s Debrecen plant in Hungary offers an eco-friendly manufacturing process that prioritizes sustainability.


  • Departure from Tradition: Traditionalists might bemoan the replacement of the iconic iDrive rotary control with a touchscreen.
  • Potential Price Uncertainty: Despite potential cost reductions in battery production, BMW hasn’t clarified how this will impact the final pricing of the Neue Klasse vehicles.
  • New Tech Learning Curve: With all the new technology, some consumers might find there’s a learning curve, especially with features like the panoramic head-up display.
  • Battery Longevity: While the new batteries promise faster charging and longer range, their overall lifespan and performance degradation over time remain to be seen.

By actively investing in the electric future and embracing innovation, BMW showcases its readiness for the next automotive chapter. However, like any bold venture, it comes with its own set of challenges and uncertainties.


BMW’s Vision Neue Klasse is more than just a concept; it represents a paradigm shift in electric mobility. As the automotive world leans towards a sustainable future, BMW proves it’s not only ready for the change but is leading the charge with innovations that shape tomorrow.


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