The Zeppelin McLaren Edition by Bowers & Wilkins is indeed an exciting collaboration between the renowned British audio brand and McLaren Automotive.

Here are some key points about this special edition wireless speaker:

  • Celebration of Partnership: This product celebrates the partnership between Bowers & Wilkins and McLaren Automotive, offering a unique way for enthusiasts to own a McLaren-branded item.
  • Design: The Zeppelin McLaren Edition features a sleek design with a Galvanic Grey finish and Papaya Orange highlights, reminiscent of McLaren’s automotive design aesthetics.
  • Audio Performance: It boasts powerful audio performance with a 240-watt amplification, ensuring high-quality sound.
  • Multi-Room Capability: The speaker comes with an upgraded multi-room capability, allowing for the connection of multiple compatible Zeppelin speakers through a mobile application.
  • Limited Edition: To commemorate the 60th anniversary of McLaren and the legacy of Bruce McLaren, Bowers & Wilkins is releasing a limited-production version named the “Zeppelin McLaren 60th Anniversary Edition.” Only 60 of these special pieces will be produced, featuring racing livery-inspired colours and a vibrant orange finish. These will be exclusively available at select McLaren dealerships worldwide.
  • Partnership History: The collaboration between Bowers & Wilkins and McLaren began in 2015, with Bowers & Wilkins contributing to the audio systems in McLaren supercars and hypercars. In the past, the two brands also released wireless headphones with a similar design.
  • Price: The Zeppelin McLaren Edition is priced at $899, making it an affordable way for fans to own a McLaren-branded item and bring a touch of McLaren’s excellence into their daily lives.


The Zeppelin McLaren Edition by Bowers & Wilkins represents a unique collaboration between two prestigious British brands, McLaren Automotive and Bowers & Wilkins. This wireless speaker not only offers high-quality audio performance but also celebrates the partnership’s 60th anniversary and McLaren’s iconic design aesthetics. With a limited-production 60th Anniversary Edition available exclusively at select McLaren dealerships, this product becomes a collector’s item for enthusiasts. At a price point of $899, it provides an accessible way for fans to own a McLaren-branded item, blending automotive excellence with audio artistry in a sleek and distinctive package.


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