Bugatti Blue on the Field The New Adidas X Crazyfast Football Boots

Bugatti Blue

The collaboration between Bugatti and Adidas has led to the creation of an exceptional piece of sports footwear: the Adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti football boot. This limited edition release, limited to just 99 pairs, represents a unique fusion of two worlds – the luxury and precision of Bugatti’s automotive craftsmanship and the innovative, performance-driven design of Adidas football boots. This collaboration is not just about creating a high-performance sports shoe; it’s a blend of style, technology, and exclusivity that reflects the ethos and heritage of both brands.


The collaboration to create the “Adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti” football boot is a remarkable fusion of luxury automotive design and advanced sports technology. This limited edition boot is engineered for speed and lightness, incorporating Bugatti’s renowned design elements and Adidas’s sports expertise.

Key Points

  • The boots are a limited edition, with only 99 pairs being produced.
  • They are engineered for speed and lightness, with features such as the Speedframe sole plate and Aerocage innovation.
  • They also feature a number of bespoke Bugatti design flourishes, such as the flash of Bugatti Blue on the mid-foot cage and the Ettore Bugatti insignia on the rear three-quarters of the boot.
  • The boots will be auctioned through the Adidas Collect Web 3 platform from November 8th to the 11th.
  • Two iconic football players, Rafael Leao and Karim Benzema, will be the first to unveil their boots on the pitch in November 2023.


The boot is built around the Adidas X Crazyfast laced boot design and is infused with the principles that define Bugatti’s identity: a focus on speed and a design philosophy where form follows performance. These boots are expected to become rare collector’s items, embodying the essence of Bugatti’s unique craftsmanship.

Central to the boot’s design is Adidas’s Speedframe sole plate technology, which creates a lightweight structure without sacrificing rigidity, crucial for rapid acceleration. The boot features an Aerocage innovation for mid-foot support and stability and an Aeropacity Speedskin for breathability. A distinctive feature is the carbon fibre inlay, echoing the material used in Bugatti cars.

Football Boots

The design also pays homage to Bugatti’s heritage. The semi-transparent mono-mesh material on the mid-foot cage is accented with Bugatti Blue, reminiscent of early Bugatti Grand Prix cars. The boot sides bear phrases representing the core values of both brands: Adidas’s “Impossible is Nothing” and Bugatti’s “Create the Incomparable.” The rear of the boot features a subtle tribute to Ettore Bugatti, the brand’s founder.

Each pair of X Crazyfast Bugatti boots comes in a special box inspired by carbon fibre weaves, a nod to the material predominantly used in Bugatti hypersports cars. To make these boots accessible to global enthusiasts, they will be auctioned on the Adidas Collect Web 3 platform, with an innovative digital and physical distribution model.

Luxury Sports Gear

The boots will be debuted on the pitch by Rafael Leao and Karim Benzema in November 2023, showcasing the blend of Adidas’s commitment to high-performance sports gear and Bugatti’s legacy of unparalleled automotive design and innovation. This collaboration is a testament to the shared drive for perfection and innovation between Adidas and Bugatti.

The Adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti football boot offers several key benefits, blending the expertise of Bugatti in luxury automotive engineering with Adidas’s prowess in sports technology:

  • Engineered for Speed: The primary focus of the boot is on speed, mirroring the performance characteristics of a Bugatti vehicle. The boot’s design and materials are chosen to optimize the player’s ability to move quickly and efficiently on the field.
  • Lightweight Design: The use of Adidas’s innovative Speedframe sole plate technology, along with the Aeropacity Speedskin, contributes to a lightweight structure. This ensures that the boots do not weigh down the player, allowing for agility and quick movements.
  • Enhanced Stability and Support: The Aerocage feature provides ideal support by hugging the mid-foot, which is crucial for maintaining stability during rapid movements and turns.
  • Breathability: The single-layer breathable mono mesh material used in the boot’s design helps to keep the feet cool and comfortable, reducing the risk of overheating, which is essential during intense gameplay.
  • High-Quality Materials: The inclusion of carbon fibre inlay, inspired by the materials used in Bugatti automobiles, adds to the boot’s durability and strength without increasing its weight.
  • Unique Design Elements: With Bugatti’s iconic blue colour and phrases that represent the values of both companies, the boots offer a distinctive and stylish appearance that appeals to fans of both brands.
  • Exclusivity and Collector’s Value: Given the limited production run of just 99 pairs, these boots hold significant value as collector’s items, making them a unique addition for enthusiasts of rare sports memorabilia.
  • Innovative Distribution Method: The auction through the Adidas Collect Web 3 platform provides a modern and accessible way for enthusiasts worldwide to acquire these exclusive boots, including a digital twin concept.

These benefits make the Adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti boots not only high-performance sports gear but also a symbol of luxury, innovation, and the fusion of automotive engineering with sports technology.

Collector’s Item

The Adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti football boots, a result of the collaboration between Adidas and Bugatti, come with their own set of pros and cons:


  • Advanced Technology for Performance: Incorporating Adidas’s Speedframe sole plate and Aeropacity Speedskin ensures that the boots are light yet stable, enhancing player performance.
  • Unique Design: The blend of Bugatti’s luxury aesthetics with Adidas’s sports functionality results in a visually striking boot that stands out on the field.
  • Exclusivity: With only 99 pairs available, owning these boots becomes a symbol of exclusivity and prestige.
  • Quality Materials: The use of high-quality materials like carbon fibre inlays increases the durability and strength of the boots.
  • Brand Heritage: The boots carry the legacy and values of both Bugatti and Adidas, appealing to fans and collectors of both brands.
  • Breathability and Comfort: The single-layer breathable mesh ensures comfort during play, reducing the risk of overheating.
  • Collector’s Item: Due to their limited release and unique design, these boots are likely to become valuable collector’s items over time.


  • High Cost: Given the exclusivity and brand association, these boots are likely to be very expensive, making them inaccessible to the average consumer.
  • Limited Availability: With only 99 pairs made, it’s difficult for most enthusiasts or players to acquire these boots.
  • Overemphasis on Design: While the design is unique, there is a possibility that it might overshadow practical functionality for professional play.
  • Target Audience: The boots are more likely to appeal to collectors and brand enthusiasts rather than everyday players or those looking for purely performance-oriented gear.
  • Auction-Based Acquisition: The method of acquiring these boots through an auction on a Web 3 platform may be complicated or unfamiliar to some potential buyers.


The Adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti football boots are a remarkable testament to the power of collaboration between brands that are leaders in their industries. This limited edition collection, blending Bugatti’s iconic design and engineering prowess with Adidas’s sports technology and performance focus, sets a new standard in the realm of sports footwear.

Beyond their functionality, these boots represent a rare collector’s item, uniting the worlds of luxury automotive and elite sports in a way that respects the heritage and forward-looking vision of both Bugatti and Adidas. Their upcoming debut by renowned footballers underlines the significance of this partnership, highlighting a fusion of aesthetics, innovation, and performance that is bound to captivate enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Further details can be found at with access to the auction available through


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