The spy shots showcase a camouflaged prototype of a small electric crossover from Cadillac. The vehicle is currently unnamed but is expected to be similar in size to the Cadillac XT4. Although the overall shape resembles the XT4, the prototype is fundamentally different underneath.

The front of the prototype is well concealed, with a solid grille that emphasizes its electric powertrain, which doesn’t require extensive cooling. The camo wrap covers the front tightly, but upon closer inspection, there is a narrow trim at the top of the grille. Placeholder vertically-oriented lights can be seen at the sides, suggesting that the final design will feature a grille similar to the larger Cadillac Lyriq.



Moving to the rear, there are more placeholder lights, including temporary round LEDs running along the rear window. This suggests that the crossover may have wraparound lights along the back glass, although it’s unclear if they extend beneath it. Unlike the XT4, no additional lower taillights are visible in the spy shots. The new crossover could incorporate styling cues from both the XT4 and Lyriq.

Only one image is available regarding the interior, offering a glimpse through the passenger window. The photo reveals a wide digital screen similar to the one found in the Cadillac Lyriq. However, it appears smaller in this application, fitting for a compact crossover. Most of the interior is hidden by heavy covers, but the image suggests notable differences between the interior of this compact EV and the compact XT4.


Additionally, another camouflaged prototype is seen in the spy shots, which is believed to be a larger vehicle that is not a Cadillac. Based on the design of the C-pillar, it is speculated to be a future Buick EV intended for the North American market.

Given the level of camouflage and temporary lighting on both vehicles, it is unlikely that an official debut will happen soon. These prototypes likely indicate 2025 models, with possible reveal timeframes expected sometime next year.

Both vehicles are well camouflaged and fitted with temporary lighting, so we aren’t expecting an official debut anytime soon. We’re likely looking at 2025 models with reveal timeframes sometime next year.

Here are some of the key details about the Cadillac compact EV crossover:

  • Size: Similar to the XT4
  • Front clip: Solid, with narrow trim at the top
  • Lights: Vertically-oriented headlights and placeholder rear lights
  • Interior: Wide digital screen similar to the Lyriq
  • Another prototype: Larger, could be a future Buick EV
  • Debut: 2025, sometime next year


The spy shots reveal a camouflaged prototype of a small electric crossover from Cadillac, sharing similarities in size and shape with the XT4 but featuring significant differences underneath. The front of the vehicle showcases a solid grille, emphasizing its electric powertrain, while placeholder lights and a camo wrap conceal the final design elements.

The rear exhibits temporary round LEDs along the rear window, suggesting potential wraparound lights. The interior glimpse shows a smaller version of the digital screen found in the Cadillac Lyriq, indicating distinctions between the compact EV and the XT4.

Another camouflaged prototype, likely a larger vehicle and possibly a future Buick EV, is also present in the spy shots. These prototypes are expected to be 2025 models, with potential reveal timeframes in the coming year.

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