CAKE Kalk AP now on Duty in Africa“Electric Bush Bike Anti-Poaching”

 CAKE Kalk AP now on Duty in Africa“Electric Bush Bike Anti-Poaching”

The CAKE anti-poaching system, including the specifically engineered Kalk AP off-road bikes. And “mobile solar panels-in the field is charging power stations”, is now on duty in Africa.CAKE.

The Swedish electric motorbike manufacturer has successfully delivered. The first batch of electric anti-poaching bush bikes to Africa.

Cake delivered the quiet and high-performance Kalk AP motorbikes to rangers. Who are in the process of testing the bikes under the research and development department of the Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC).

They are now beginning to use the bikes in their quest to increase the efficiency to combat poaching. Poaching has had devastating consequences for wildlife in Africa. And is one of the primary reasons that some species face the risk of extinction.

Anti-poaching teams have used gas-powered dirt bikes for patrolling because they are considered the bush’s fastest and most agile vehicles. However, these bikes are loud and alert poachers from miles away with the sound of their engines.

Cake in Africa

Solution to problem statements

The next big issue is that fuel is being brought to the field by helicopters or trucks, polluting and impacting the environment. CAKE Presents a solution in collaboration with the Southern African Wildlife College.

The team at CAKE developed a bike built for the unique challenges of driving in the African bush and the harsh environments it would encounter.

The Kalk AP combines the proven off-road performance ability of the Kalk OR with a lightweight frame, sealed drivetrain. And more robust suspension and since it’s almost silent, it’s easier to move around without alerting poachers.

A mobile solar charging station designed and produced by Goal Zero allows rangers to take the bikes deep into the bush. And operate far from the electrical grid’s confines and traditional fuel supply lines.

Cake in Africa


“It’s great to see that the first batch of Kalk APs has made it to Africa.Ready to change the game when it comes to fighting poaching in the most threatened wildlife areas.

With fast, quiet and solar-powered driven bikes. We increase our chances of countering poaching and genuinely impact the region.

This is only the begin we will continue to ship bikes to the SAWC in collaboration with the partners they work with to strengthen their anti-poaching work”, says CAKE’s founder and CEO Stefan Ytterborn.

It’s dynamic progress with the rangers using the bikes and sharing the pros and cons with the SAWC’s research and development department.

The feedback will facilitate constant improvements and tuning until the bikes are optimized for specific use.

Even in these early stages, as they get acquainted with the new machines. The rangers are lavishly praising the Kalk AP for its substantial advantages to the petrol-driven predecessors.

Cake in Africa

Quote 1

“The petrol bikes we’ve used previously have all been loud, heavy and expensive to keep running in these areas. The CAKE bikes are quiet.Which makes it easier for us to approach poachers undetected.

We hope this collaboration will result in more effective anti-poaching in our region. And we are excited to start using the bikes in the wild.” says Mfana Xaba. Anti-poaching Team Leader at the Southern African Wildlife College.More bikes are on their way.

Thanks to CAKE’s buy-one-give-one Limited-Edition Charity Bundle. More bikes will be donated to SAWC to help to save more animals from poaching.

Donation program to further strengthen the anti-poaching work. CAKE has set up a Limited-Edition Charity Bundle. Offering the first 50 customers the option to buy one Kalk AP at a charity prize. While donating another Kalk AP to the Southern African Wildlife College.

Included in the donation is the solar-powered charging station and solar cells from Goal Zero.CAKE will share the ongoing achievements of the Kalk AP testing on the CAKE website.

Cake in Africa


Additionally, CAKE and Goal Zero will donate their profit margins from the sales of the Kalk AP directly to the Southern African Wildlife College and its partners. Adding financial firepower to the fight against poaching in conservation areas.

To follow what is being introduced aside from the bikes. Where to follow and further support the initiative, 5% of net sales will be reinvested to SAWC and its partners to accelerate the progress.

The Kalk Anti-Poaching BikeAs one of the most powerful bikes in the CAKE catalogue.The Kalk AP is designed explicitly designed dangers who spend their weeks. In the African bush patrolling for poachers and illegal traps.

Special features include 18 “custom-made off-road tires. A rear carrier to attach arms or medical equipment, and fenders made of natural fiber biocomposite material from Trifilon.

The bikes are also outfitted with a powerful headlight from Silva for effective nighttime patrolling.

Together with the luggage manufacturer DB, CAKE has developed. A first aid kit to be transported on the Kalk AP and used in the field to treat injured animals.

via Cake press release

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