CAKE plans to deliver personal mobility to Global Emerging Markets

 CAKE plans to deliver personal mobility to Global Emerging Markets

The Makka is just one part of CAKE’s 2021 product roadmap, however. The other big news that the company dropped in the middle of September was expanding its presence across Globe. By adding more showrooms to better interact with consumers. 

The expansion also includes its manufacturing facility in the country.Which should come online in time for next spring’s sales season.

So global consumers can get their CAKE fix without waiting for shipments from the other side of the Baltic Sea.

It’s an incredible milestone for CAKE and even an ambitious endeavour for such a young company. 

That said, Ytterborn referred to the planned global growth as a “journey” rather than a single predetermined outcome due to the possible unknown changes in legislation or social movement.

Also, we will see CAKE facilities in North America, Europe and Asia. It’s deciding to spend $60 million easy for CAKE because it doesn’t have to look very far for investors who believe in its potential. 

That said, the lifestyle brand keeps tight-lipped around any concrete plans for using this new cash infusion.


“CAKE’s drive and go-ahead spirit are impressive, as is the ambitious plan to grow the company and offer sustainable transportation. 

The products can be essential in the transition to a more sustainable society, and CAKE’s innovative design and solid customer focus have contributed to strong market interest,” Patricia Hedelius said CAKEs portfolio manager.

Further, she said.

“We appreciate the opportunity to invest in one of Sweden’s most exciting companies within the field of electrification at this relatively early stage.”

Source: CAKE

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