The incident during the sidecar qualifying session at the Isle of Man TT on May 29, 2023, involved the Crowe brothers, Ryan and Callum. Callum sustained a leg injury during the incident and received immediate medical treatment. 

Fortunately, Ryan was unharmed in the incident. The official IOMTT Races Twitter account acknowledged Callum’s injury and sent their best wishes for his recovery. The Local Isle of Man Today newspaper reported that Callum was “on the mend.”



Given the history of accidents and fatalities at the Isle of Man TT, fans and spectators were understandably concerned when they heard about the incident. The 2022 race edition was particularly tragic, with six competitors losing their lives, including sidecar competitors César Chanal, Olivier Lavorel, Roger Stockton, and Bradley Stockton.

While safety measures are constantly being improved, the Isle of Man TT remains a highly challenging and dangerous event. Road resurfacing efforts have been undertaken to address some of the rough patches on the circuit, especially for sidecar competitors. However, the nature of the race inherently involves risks, and participants willingly accept those risks as part of their chosen sport.


Fans and the motorsport community rallied behind the Crowe brothers, expressing their concern and best wishes for Callum’s recovery. LivingWithGravity, among others, extended their support to Callum and looked forward to seeing both brothers back in racing action in the future.

About Isle of Man TT

The Isle of Man TT is a motorcycle road racing event held annually on the Isle of Man. The event was first held in 1907 and is now one of the most prestigious motorcycle races in the world. The TT is held on a 37.73-mile (60.72 km) course, including public roads closed to traffic for the event. 

Isle of Man TT race track

Isle of Man TT race track


The course is known for its challenging corners and high speeds.

The TT is a dangerous race that has claimed many riders’ lives. However, the event continues to attract the best motorcycle riders in the world who are drawn to the challenge of racing on the Isle of Man.

The TT is a popular event with spectators, attracting hundreds of thousands of people to the Isle of Man annually. The event is also broadcast live around the world.


The TT is a significant economic driver for the Isle of Man, generating millions of pounds in revenue annually. The event also helps to promote the Isle of Man as a tourist destination.

Source: Facebook Crowe Racing and the Isle of Man Today


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