Top key points of the Fabio Quartararo interview

  • Quartararo is doubtful of Yamaha’s chances at the upcoming Indian MotoGP race.
  • He believes that the long straights at the Buddh International Circuit will be a disadvantage for his Yamaha motorcycle, which is not known for its top speed.
  • However, Quartararo says that he will still give it his all, regardless of his position on the grid. He has learned this season that he needs to push himself to the limit, no matter what.
  • Quartararo is currently eleventh in the world championship, with his teammate Franco Morbidelli in twelfth. Yamaha has had a disappointing season so far, with neither rider winning a race.
  • It remains to be seen whether Yamaha can be competitive at the Indian MotoGP race. The long straights will be a challenge, but the riders will have all weekend to learn the track and find the best setup for their bikes.

Fabio Quartararo’s comments reflect a sentiment that the layout of the Buddh International Circuit might not favour the Yamaha bike, particularly due to the long straights. MotoGP bikes, like those from Yamaha, Ducati, Suzuki, Honda, etc., have different strengths and weaknesses. Some bikes are better in straight-line speed, while others excel in cornering or braking.


The Buddh International Circuit, which was originally designed for Formula 1 races, has long straights, including a 1km back section. Such sections typically favour bikes that have strong top-end speed. Quartararo’s apprehension suggests that Yamaha might not have the top speed advantage compared to some of its rivals. This is evident when he mentions that after watching a video of the straights, he doesn’t see it as an opportunity for Yamaha.



Buddh International Circuit

However, it’s worth noting Quartararo’s resilience and determination, as he mentions giving his all irrespective of the situation. This kind of mindset is essential for a racer, especially when faced with challenging circuits or conditions. Even if the track doesn’t suit the Yamaha, Quartararo’s attitude suggests he’ll be pushing hard for a good result.

COTA podium

Quartararo’s current position in the championship after 12 rounds is indicative of a season where he has faced challenges, with his only notable finish being the COTA podium. The position of his team-mate, Franco Morbidelli, reinforces this perspective. Both riders will be hoping to maximize their results in the remaining rounds and improve their standings in the championship.


It’s going to be interesting to see how Yamaha and its riders adapt to the Buddh International Circuit without prior testing, especially given the challenges highlighted by Quartararo. The unknown nature of the track for MotoGP and the lack of testing will certainly add an extra layer of intrigue to the race weekend.


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