CFMoto’s Market Expansion

CFMoto, a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, has made significant strides in the global motorcycle market by collaborating with renowned industry players. Their approach to bike manufacturing, which involves partnerships with major global brands, distinguishes them from other Chinese motorcycle companies. This strategy has contributed to CFMoto’s reputation for producing reliable motorcycles.

CFMoto Unveils CL-C Low Ride and CL-X Spirit Neo-Retro Models

  • CFMoto is a Chinese motorcycle brand that has gained recognition for its partnerships with major European brands.
  • The company has a strong presence in Asia and Europe and is expanding into the US market.
  • At EICMA 2023, CFMoto showcased a range of new models, including the CL-C Low Ride and CL-X Spirit.
  • The CL-C Low Ride is a cruiser-style motorcycle with a relaxed seating position, teardrop fuel tank, and round LED headlight.
  • It is powered by a 450cc twin engine with a 270-degree crank.
  • The CL-X Spirit is a more rugged and versatile motorcycle based on the CL-X range.
  • It features a high dual-exhaust system, custom tuck-and-roll saddle, cropped tail, wire-spoke wheels with knobby tires, and Ohlins inverted front forks.

Global Partnerships

Key takeaways

  • CFMoto is a growing motorcycle brand with a focus on quality and performance.
  • The CL-C Low Ride and CL-X Spirit are two new models that offer retro-inspired styling and off-road capability.

The company’s collaboration with prominent names like KTM, Kiska Design, Continental, and Bosch has helped it establish a strong presence in Asian and European markets and, more recently, in the United States. At EICMA 2023, CFMoto unveiled several new models, expanding its motorcycle offerings.

Among these new offerings are the CL-C Low Ride and CL-X Spirit, which are based on existing model ranges. These bikes showcase CFMoto’s capability in customizability and retro-inspired styling. The CL-C Low Ride appeals to cruiser enthusiasts with its retro elements, relaxed seating, teardrop-shaped fuel tank, and round LED headlight. It shares the same 450cc twin engine with a 270-degree crank as other models in the 450 lineup. Unique features of the Low Ride include a rugged, bobber look with a cantilever-style front end, a chrome-finished fuel tank, a premium SC-Project dual-exhaust system, and a color-matched engine casing.

The CL-X Spirit, derived from the 700 CL-X range, is designed for riders seeking a mix of style, performance, and off-road capability. It features a higher dual-exhaust system, a custom tuck-and-roll saddle, a cropped tail, wire-spoke wheels with knobby tires for off-road use, and Ohlins inverted front forks for a rugged appearance.

Chinese Brand Perception

CFMoto’s strategy in the global motorcycle market involves several key elements that have contributed to its success:

  • Global Partnerships and Brand Collaborations: Unlike many other Chinese manufacturers, CFMoto has established partnerships with renowned companies such as KTM, Kiska Design, Continental, and Bosch. These collaborations have not only enhanced the technical proficiency and quality of CFMoto’s motorcycles but have also lent the brand an air of credibility and trustworthiness that many Chinese motorcycle brands struggle to achieve.
  • Focus on Quality and Reliability: By associating with globally recognized brands, CFMoto has managed to distance itself from the stereotype of Chinese motorcycles being of inferior quality. Their focus on manufacturing bikes that are reliable and well-built has helped them gain a foothold in competitive markets in Asia, Europe, and the United States.
  • Diverse and Customizable Product Line: The introduction of models like the CL-C Low Ride and CL-X Spirit showcases CFMoto’s commitment to offering a range of styles and customization options. This strategy caters to different rider preferences and positions the brand as versatile and adaptive to market trends.
  • Retro-Inspired Styling Combined with Modern Technology: The blend of retro-inspired design elements with modern features and technology is a significant aspect of CFMoto’s appeal. For example, the CL-C Low Ride merges classic cruiser elements with contemporary touches like an LED headlight and a modern engine setup.
  • Expansion into New Markets: CFMoto’s recent foray into the U.S. market is a strategic move that indicates the brand’s ambition and confidence in its products. This expansion is a significant step, considering the competitiveness and distinct preferences of the American motorcycle market.
  • Unique Design Features and Engineering: Specific models like the CL-C Low Ride and CL-X Spirit are distinguished by unique design elements (such as the cantilever-style front end on the Low Ride) and engineering choices (like the 270-degree crank in the 450cc engine), which set them apart in a crowded market.
  • Adaptation to Consumer Trends: The company’s focus on producing motorcycles that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and aligned with current trends (such as the neo-retro style) indicates a keen understanding of consumer preferences.

Diverse Product Range

CFMoto’s approach to the motorcycle market presents several pros and cons:


  • Global Partnerships for Enhanced Quality: Collaborations with industry leaders like KTM and Bosch ensure high-quality components and engineering expertise. This elevates CFMoto’s products above typical perceptions of Chinese-manufactured motorcycles.
  • Diverse Range of Models: Offering a variety of models, from the CL-C Low Ride cruiser to the CL-X Spirit with off-road capabilities, caters to a broad spectrum of riders and preferences, enhancing market reach.
  • Retro and Modern Fusion: The blend of retro styling with modern technology appeals to both traditionalists and those seeking contemporary features, broadening the brand’s appeal.
  • Customization and Unique Design: Models like the CL-C Low Ride and CL-X Spirit showcase unique design elements and customization options, attracting riders who value individuality and personalization.
  • Strategic Market Expansion: By expanding into new markets like the United States, CFMoto demonstrates ambition and confidence in competing in diverse and challenging environments.


  • Brand Perception Challenges: Despite improvements, there may still be scepticism about the quality and reliability of Chinese motorcycles, which CFMoto needs to continuously address.
  • Limited Brand Recognition: Compared to established players like Honda, Yamaha, or Harley-Davidson, CFMoto has less brand recognition, which can be a disadvantage in a market where brand loyalty is strong.
  • After-Sales Service and Support: Establishing a robust after-sales service network, especially in new markets like the U.S., can be challenging and is crucial for customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  • Balancing Quality and Cost: Maintaining high quality while keeping costs competitive can be challenging, especially as CFMoto scales up production and expands into more markets.
  • Competition with Established Brands: Breaking into markets with established players requires significant investment in marketing and brand-building efforts, which can be resource-intensive.
  • Navigating Regulatory Environments: Different countries have varying regulations for motorcycles, and navigating these can be complex, particularly for a company expanding into new regions.

Retro-Inspired Styling


In summary, while CFMoto’s approach of leveraging global partnerships, offering diverse and customizable models, and blending retro and modern styles has its advantages, the company also faces challenges related to brand perception, competition, and market expansion. Addressing these challenges effectively will be key to their sustained growth and success in the global motorcycle market.

CFMoto’s approach, characterized by strategic global partnerships, a focus on quality, diverse and customizable products, and an understanding of market trends, positions it as a rising and reputable player in the global motorcycle industry.

CFMoto’s emphasis on quality manufacturing, in collaboration with well-established industry names, and its focus on diverse styling and customization options, contribute to its growing reputation as a reliable motorcycle manufacturer from China.


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