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Until now, Zhejiang QJmotor Co. QJmotors and Benelli’s parent company has been making gas-powered mini-bikes, scooters, and small and large displacement conventional motorcycles. 

Now Zhejiang QJmotor Co has unveiled the electric prototype QJ7000D.


While QJ Motor didn’t share any specs in their press release, the QJ7000D’s chassis and its bodywork design. This includes battery placement – it strongly hints at the possibility that this would be a full-electric machine.


Zhejiang QJ Motor Co., Ltd. (better known as QJ Motor), a motorcycle manufacturer headquartered in Hangzhou, China, just unveiled its most capable electric motorcycle to date: the 700cc QJ7000D. 

Coming less than one year after purchasing Italian motorcycle manufacturer Benelli.

While debuting its first electrified prototype at the Beijing Show, there are two significant takeaways here:

  • It doesn’t take long for Chinese/international brands to bring new technology to market, and 
  • Where there is innovation, there is money. If Benelli can bring the QJ700D to market soon, QJ Motor will have a formidable offering on its hands.

That is notable because the company is not a manufacturer producing electric two-wheelers for the mass market — yet. 

The unveiling of this prototype makes it all but clear that the brand may soon be making its debut in the electric vehicle market.

Zhejiang QJ Motor Co has not unveiled any tech specs about the QJ7000D prototype. 

However, we could see the prototype arrives as fully faired and comes stacked with LEDs, clip-on, mono-shock at the rear and inverted forks on the front.

Unlike standard sports bikes, the prototype gets the pseudo fuel tank and colossal storage to store a helmet. 

Single disc brakes at the front, and the double-disc further the tail look sleek and sharp.

It will be good to see how Zhejiang QJ Motor converts this prototype into the production model.

Source: Ridepart


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