Delage D12 Top Key Points

  • Delage, a French manufacturer that was revived in 2019, has begun production of its new limited-run D12 hybrid hypercar.
  • The D12 has a 976bhp 7.6-litre V12 engine and a 109bhp electric motor, giving it a combined output of 1085bhp and 794lb ft.
  • Delage is already developing a successor to the D12, which is intended to rival the Bugatti Chiron. The new car will be a completely different model, more of a grand tourer two-seater like the Chiron. It will be road-legal as well, and very fast.
  • Delage has also begun design work on a third car, which would sit in a different segment again.


In the world of automotive innovation and performance, the resurgence of the Delage brand stands as a testament to the enduring allure of historic names in the industry. Once a prominent French manufacturer between 1905 and 1953, Delage went dormant for decades until its revival in 2019 by entrepreneur Laurent Tapie.


With bold ambitions to create a hypercar that offers a “Formula 1 experience for the road,” Delage has unveiled its latest creation, the D12 GT, and embarked on a journey to compete with the likes of Bugatti. This article delves into the fascinating story of Delage’s revival, the impressive specifications of the D12 GT, and the exciting future that lies ahead for this resurgent brand.

It’s exciting to see a historic brand like Delage making a comeback with ambitious plans.


Here’s a summary of the key points

  • Delage, a French manufacturer originally active from 1905 to 1953, was revived in 2019 by entrepreneur Laurent Tapie with the goal of producing a high-performance two-seater hypercar.
  • The D12 GT, their latest creation, made its debut at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed. It boasts a 976bhp 7.6-litre V12 engine combined with a 109bhp electric motor, delivering a total output of 1085bhp and 794 lb-ft of torque.
  • The D12 GT features a central carbon fibre monocoque, carbon fibre crash structure at the front and an aluminium rear frame. It has a tandem seating configuration, with the passenger positioned behind the driver.


  • The car uses a unique contractive suspension setup, inspired by systems used in 1990s Formula 1 by McLaren and Ferrari. This suspension system was developed by Delage’s chassis and suspension chief, Mauro Bianchi.
  • Delage has completed four D12 units and has begun working on the planned limited run of 30 cars. Each car is priced at approximately £1.7 million, and production will take place at Magny-Cours. The production process is expected to take four to five years.
  • Despite the brand’s long hiatus, there has been significant interest in the D12 project. Laurent Tapie acknowledges that building brand awareness will take time.
  • Delage has already started the design work on a successor to the D12, which is intended to rival the Bugatti Chiron. This upcoming hypercar will be a grand tourer two-seater and will also feature a hybrid powertrain.
  • Tapie hinted at the possibility of a third car in development, which would likely target a different segment.


  • The Delage D12 is a limited-edition hypercar with a unique design and impressive performance.
  • It is powered by a hybrid powertrain that combines a 976bhp 7.6-litre V12 engine with a 109bhp electric motor, giving it a combined output of 1085bhp and 794 lb-ft.
  • It has a central carbon fibre monocoque, with a frontal carbon-fibre crash structure and an aluminium rear frame. This makes it extremely lightweight and strong.
  • The car employs a unique contractive suspension set-up, which was invented by Delage chassis and suspension chief Mauro Bianchi. This system is used by many Formula 1 teams and is known for its excellent performance.
  • The D12 is hand-built in France and only 30 units will be produced, making it a highly exclusive car.


  • The Delage D12 is very expensive, with a starting price of around £1.7 million.
  • It is a limited-edition car, so only a very small number of people will be able to own one.
  • This car is a high-performance car, so it is not suitable for everyday driving.
  • It is not clear how reliable the D12 is, as it is a new car.
  • The car is not yet available for purchase, so it is not clear when customers will be able to receive their cars.


The reawakening of Delage is a captivating narrative in the world of high-performance automobiles. As the brand forges ahead with its limited run of D12 GT hypercars, it rekindles the spirit of a bygone era while embracing cutting-edge hybrid technology. The D12 GT, with its formidable power and unique suspension, stands as a testament to Delage’s commitment to excellence.

While the road to success may be long and challenging, Delage’s return has undoubtedly captured the attention of enthusiasts and experts alike. With the promise of a Bugatti Chiron rival on the horizon and tantalizing hints of a third project, the future of Delage promises to be a thrilling journey into the world of hypercars, reminding us that legends of the past can still write new chapters in the automotive industry.

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