Delta-XE electric superbike demonstrates the future of motorcycle innovation

Delta-XE electric superbike demonstrates the future of motorcycle innovation

It’s not every day that you see the kind of engineering a group of college students can achieve when given the freedom and encouragement to create something incredible. The Delta-XE is an innovative electric superbike.

If you’re wondering what kind of electric vehicle is fast enough to make your eyes bulge, or if you’re just mad about all things that can reach 186 mph faster, you’ll be pleased to know more about this fascinating, fully electric superbike.

Electric Superbike Twente-1

Usually, when you hear “college students build a bike”, it’s referring to a gas-guzzling project involving makeshift carburettors, sleepless nights, and duct tape.┬á

This time an engineering student team from the Netherlands has transformed one into what could be the world’s most powerful electric superbike.┬á

In Enschede, Twente University’s production facility Electric Superbike Twente has built its newest flagship machine, the Delta-XE.

Electric Superbike Twente-1

A fifteen engineering students at the Twente University of Technology in the Netherlands set out to design and build a high-powered electric superbike with an in-house team of electronic, mechanical and software engineers. That would challenge preconceptions about how these high-end vehicles are designed. After more than two years of research and development, they created the remarkable Delta-XE.

Electric motor

  • Type:┬áCustom PMAC (Permanent Magnet AC)
  • Supplier:┬áAE Group
  • Specifications:┬á170 kW

Battery pack

  • Type:┬áLithium Polymer (Li-Po)
  • Specifications:┬á13.5 kWh modular
  • Number of cells:┬á576

Motor controller

  • Type:┬áPM150DZR
  • Supplier:┬áCascadia Motion
  • Specifications:┬á820 V, 400Arms

Battery management system

  • Type:┬áCustom made
  • Supplier:┬áProdrive Technology

Components / Chassis


  • Type:┬áCrMoB Steel Trellis Frame
  • Supplier:┬áBakker Framebouw


  • Type:┬áCustom aluminium 7020
  • Supplier:┬áBakker Framebouw

Front suspension

  • Type:┬á├ľhlins cartridges with ceramic reinforced carbon tubes
  • Supplier:┬áCeraCarbon Racing

Rear suspension

  • Type:┬á├ľhlins TTX GP
  • Supplier:┬áTen Kate Racing Products


  • Type:┬áSuter MMX 500 with custom seat
  • Supplier:┬áSuter Industries and Allplast
  • Livery design:┬áNew frame


  • Type:┬áSolid Billet 4 Piston Radial Brake Calipers
  • Supplier:┬áHEL Performance Products
  • Specifications:┬á108 mm

Wheels & Tires

  • Type:┬áMarchesini Forged Aluminium front wheel & PVM Magnesium rear wheel
  • Supplier:┬áTen Kate Racing Products

Sprockets & Chain

  • Type:┬á520 Xs ring chain & custom sprockets
  • Supplier:┬áCeraCarbon Racing & AFAM

Electric vehicle tech still has a long way to go before it becomes mainstream. Still, recent developments in EV racing suggest even the first electric superbikes may be truly stunning, and that is what these students have done.

via Twente


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