Antonio Matarollo, Director talks on future plans of MondialMoto

Antonio Matarollo, Director talks on future plans of MondialMoto

Antonio Matarollo talks about MondialMoto’s future plans

  • How different it is to build V5 bike as compared to other bikes like twins, threes of fours?What are the challenges?
    Antonio Matarollo : This depends on how much  advanced technology a manufacturer wants to incorporate into the design, it is challenging to design the engineering characteristics into the V5. The technical data is so different from the conventional engine specification. We have conducted a lot of research into the engineering design  specs.It is important to make sure the design works before investing in prototypes due to the high cost,  get it wrong and it’s a disaster.
  • When do we see these 2 ( V5R and V5S) prototypes on road?
    Antonio Matarollo : The first road bikes are scheduled to be on the road in 2020.
  • Do we get to see more colors in these bikes?
    Antonio Matarollo : Our Japanese importer has requested a specific colour model for the Japan market, we will also launch a competition in the press for people to send designs, the winning entrants will be remunerated.
  • Are you planning to bring these bikes in limited numbers?
    Antonio Matarollo : We are programming 1500 bikes for the first years production in 2020, dealers will be limited to 2 bikes per month. with the current allocation  we will not be able to fulfill the demand for the product.

  • I believe you will  make these bikes available across globe?How do you plan to put dealership network in place?
    Antonio Matarollo : We have a worldwide importer and dealer network established.

  • Any plans to bring these bikes in MotoGp races?
    Antonio Matarollo : MotoGP is very costly form of competition we would not have the resources, our market is limited and it would not be practical . It is our intention in the future to enter World Superbike with a contracted established race team.

  • What will be the power output of these bikes in bhp?
    Antonio Matarollo : In standard road trim around 210 bhp  but it is possible to achieve up to  250 bhp this will be for competition only.

  • How different is V5 engine as compared to others?
    Antonio Matarollo : Technically it is far more advanced from the conventional design power to weight ratio is approximately 25%.

  • How do we see Mondial Moto 5 years down the line?
    Antonio Matarollo : From the level  of excitement  received so far we anticipate a very exciting and successful future ahead. Producing a very high quality and technically advanced moto gp bike for the street should ensure our standing in the maketplace.

  • Will you be able to share few pictures of bikes?Also will you be able to share the pictures of MondialMoto facility from outside.
    Antonio Matarollo : As soon as we have prototypes ready we will launch the bikes to the world press at the company headquarters in Italy.

  • Source : Antonia Matarollo, Director MondialMoto

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