If you think that blacked-out bikes always look mean by definition, then I cordially invite you to think again. Just look at the Honda Dax 125 in its new Pearl Shining Black colorway, which will roll into Honda’s Japanese dealerships in August 2024.

Does it look mean to you? I didn’t think so.

In fact, according to Honda, one cool thing about this particular colorway is that it changes depending on how close you are when you look at it. As you get closer, you’ll notice more of a sparkle to it, especially in bright sunlight.


While I can’t personally speak to that experience (yet), I’ve certainly seen that effect with other bikes. If that description is to be believed, I very much look forward to seeing this one in the wild.

Or I would if we got it in the US, but unfortunately for me, the Dax 125 is still only available in Europe and Asia. Boo, Honda.

The Unique Sparkle of the Pearl Shining Black Colorway

The Honda Dax 125’s new Pearl Shining Black colorway is a game-changer. Unlike the typical matte or glossy black finishes that dominate the market, this new colorway offers something truly unique. As you approach the bike, the paint reveals a subtle sparkle, especially when it catches the sunlight. This shimmering effect adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, setting it apart from the usual “mean” black bikes.

Imagine riding down the street and watching heads turn as people catch a glimpse of that unexpected sparkle. It’s the kind of detail that makes a bike memorable and gives it a personality all its own. This isn’t just a color; it’s an experience that evolves with your perspective and the lighting conditions around you.

Honda Dax 125: A Glimpse into the Future

The Dax 125 has always been a favorite among mini-moto enthusiasts, and the addition of this new colorway is sure to bolster its popularity. Honda’s decision to introduce the Pearl Shining Black variant shows their commitment to offering unique and attractive options for riders. While it’s unfortunate that this model isn’t available in the US yet, the European and Asian markets are sure to embrace it enthusiastically.

The Dax 125 is more than just a stylish bike; it’s also a symbol of Honda’s innovation and attention to detail. The new colorway is a testament to Honda’s ability to blend aesthetics with functionality, creating a bike that looks as good as it performs.

New Accessories for the Honda Dax 125 in 2024

Alongside the new color, Honda has announced a range of new accessories for the Dax 125 in Japan. These accessories are designed to enhance the bike’s functionality and provide a more customized riding experience. Here’s a look at what’s new:

Clock and Gear Position Meter

One of the standout additions is the clock and gear position meter. This tiny, round gadget perfectly complements the round gauge on the Dax’s dash. It’s a small but significant upgrade that adds a touch of modernity to the bike’s classic look. Knowing your gear position at a glance can be incredibly convenient, especially for new riders who are still getting used to the bike.

USB C Socket

In today’s connected world, having a USB C socket on your bike is almost a necessity. Whether you need to charge your phone, GPS device, or any other gadget, this accessory ensures you stay powered up on the go. It’s a practical addition that makes the Dax 125 even more versatile.

Soft Black Saddlebag

For those who love taking their bikes on adventures, the soft black saddlebag is a welcome addition. It offers ample storage space without compromising the bike’s sleek look. Whether you’re heading out for a day trip or just need a place to stash your essentials, this saddlebag has you covered.

Chrome Rear Carrier

If you need even more storage options, the chrome rear carrier is a great choice. It adds a bit of bling to the bike while providing a sturdy platform for carrying extra gear. Whether you’re hauling groceries or gear for a weekend getaway, this accessory is both functional and stylish.

Immobilizer and Heated Grips

Security and comfort are key considerations for any rider, and Honda has addressed both with the new immobilizer and heated grips. The immobilizer adds an extra layer of security, giving you peace of mind when you leave your bike parked. The heated grips are a godsend for those chilly rides, keeping your hands warm and comfortable no matter the weather.

Affordable and Practical Accessories for Every Rider

One of the best things about these new accessories is their affordability. With prices ranging from ¥3,300 (about US $21) to ¥24,420 (about US $155.65), there’s something for every budget. These prices include Japan’s 10 percent consumption tax, making it easy to calculate the total cost.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or new to the world of mini-motos, these accessories offer practical upgrades that enhance the overall riding experience. They’re designed to be easy to install and use, making it simple to customize your Dax 125 to suit your needs.

When and Where to Get the New Honda Dax 125 Accessories

The new Dax color and accessories will be available in Honda’s Japanese locations starting August 22, 2024. It’s not yet clear when or if these new additions will be available in other markets, but it seems like a safe bet that they will. After all, the Dax 125 has a strong following, and these upgrades are sure to be popular wherever the bike is sold.

Why the US Needs the Honda Dax 125

Maybe it’s because the US doesn’t take tiny bikes like the Dax seriously enough. Or motorcycles in general, really? While the other minimotos in Honda’s stable are extremely popular in the US market, we aren’t exactly known as a moto-dependent culture.

Sure, there are some of us weirdos who like to do as much as possible on our bikes. You know, using them for errands, commuting, fun, and anything else we can think of. But a lot of folks simply use them every once in a while, for leisure. Not as reliable, simple everyday transportation for ourselves and maybe even our families.

If you’re the type of rider who wants to go out and do things with your Dax 125, though, then you’ll appreciate the handful of new OEM accessories that Honda also announced in Japan, at the same time it introduced this new shade of black for the Dax 125.

The Future of the Honda Dax 125

As we look to the future, it’s clear that the Honda Dax 125 has a lot of potential. With its unique new colorway and practical accessories, it’s poised to capture the hearts of even more riders. Whether you’re in Japan, Europe, or hopefully the US someday, the Dax 125 offers a fun and stylish way to get around.

So, come on, Honda, bring the Dax 125 to the US! We’re ready and waiting for this versatile, stylish mini-moto to make its debut on our shores.

 Honda Japan

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