It’s exciting to hear about the upcoming successor to the Aston Martin DB11. While Aston Martin has not confirmed the official name of the new car, the speculation that it might be called the DB12 seems plausible. This speculation is supported by Aston Martin filing a U.S. trademark for the DB12 nameplate, indicating their intention to use it for a future model.

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The teaser photos, showcasing the front and side profile of the car, provide a glimpse of its design direction. Additionally, including a shot of the new infotainment system suggests that Aston Martin is focusing on integrating advanced technology into the upcoming model.



David Brown’s purchase of the Aston Martin automotive company in 1946 was a significant event in the brand’s history. Before Brown’s acquisition, Aston Martin had shifted its focus to producing aircraft components during World War II, resulting in a hiatus of car manufacturing for nine years. However, Brown’s involvement changed the trajectory of the company.


In 1948, Aston Martin introduced the 2-Litre Sports model under Brown’s ownership, although only 15 units were produced over two years. It was not until the debut of the DB2 in 1950 that the 2-Litre Sports model was retrospectively referred to as the DB1. The DB2 marked the beginning of the DB series, which became a significant part of Aston Martin’s heritage.

Following the DB2, Aston Martin formally and informally models often referred to David Brown, honouring his impact on the brand. However, in the 1970s, the company somewhat deviated from the DB moniker. It wasn’t until David Brown died in 1993 and the introduction of the seventh-generation DB7 that Aston Martin returned to using the DB designation consistently.


David Brown’s purchase of Aston Martin and subsequent influence on the company’s direction and nomenclature left a lasting legacy still evident today in Aston Martin’s model lineup.

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Full reveal

With the full reveal scheduled for May 24, we can expect more details about the car’s specifications, features, and possibly its official name. Stay tuned for the official announcement from Aston Martin to learn more about this highly anticipated vehicle.

Source: Aston Martin

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