What Made the New Ducati Hypermotard Stand Out at EICMA 2023-

Ducati Hypermotard 698 RVE

The EICMA (Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori), renowned as one of the most significant events in the motorcycle industry, recently concluded its 2023 edition with a highlight that always garners widespread attention: the declaration of the “most beautiful bike” of the show. Since 2005, the Italian motorcycle publication Motociclismo has been conducting this poll among EICMA attendees, providing insights into the aesthetic preferences of motorcycle enthusiasts and industry experts alike.

Key Points

  • The 2024 Ducati Hypermotard 698 Mono RVE was voted the most beautiful bike at EICMA 2023, receiving 35.12% of the vote.
  • This is the 12th time that Ducati has won this award, which is awarded annually by the Italian motorcycle publication Motociclismo.
  • The Hypermotard 698 Mono RVE is a single-cylinder supermoto with a lightweight and aggressive design.
  • It is powered by a new 698cc engine that Ducati claims is the world’s highest-revving and road-going single-cylinder currently available on the global markets.
  • The bike features a number of premium components and electronic rider aids.

The 2023 edition has been particularly notable, not just for the winning motorcycle but also for the range of designs and innovations showcased by various manufacturers. This year, the Ducati Hypermotard 698 RVE took the prestigious title, continuing a tradition of design excellence that the Ducati is known for.

EICMA 2023

Ducati is renowned for its emphasis on design and style, often combining sleek, aggressive lines with advanced engineering. The Hypermotard series is known for its supermoto-inspired design, which is characterized by a high riding position, minimalistic bodywork, and agile handling. The 698 RVE likely continued this tradition with additional design refinements.


Most Beautiful Bike Poll

Other bikes on the list also represent a diverse range of styles and design philosophies:

  • Moto Guzzi Stelvio: Known for its classic and elegant designs, Moto Guzzi bikes often have a distinctive retro appeal.
  • Moto Morini Corsaro Sport: Likely a blend of modern and classic design elements, representing the brand’s rich heritage.
  • Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports: This bike is known for its rugged, adventure-ready appearance, which combines functionality with an adventurous aesthetic.
  • Aprilia RS 457: Aprilia’s bikes usually have a sporty and aggressive design, appealing to those who favour performance-oriented looks.
  • Suzuki GSX-8R: Suzuki’s GSX series typically features sharp, aerodynamic lines indicating speed and power.
  • Bimota Tera: Bimota often focuses on innovative and sometimes unconventional designs, which stand out in the motorcycle world.
  • Triumph Scrambler 400 X: Triumph’s scramblers blend classic styling with off-road capabilities, appealing to those who appreciate a vintage yet rugged look.
  • Fantic Caballero Rally 500: This likely showcases a mix of retro and off-road elements, characteristic of modern scramblers.
  • Benelli TRK 702X: Benelli’s adventure bikes usually have a design that balances ruggedness and elegance.
NumberYear/Make/ModelPercentage of the Vote
1.Ducati Hypermotard 698 RVE35.12%
2.Moto Guzzi Stelvio19.45%
3. Moto Morini Corsaro Sport11.34%
4.Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports8.01%
5.Aprilia RS 4574.99%
6.Suzuki GSX-8R4.69%
7.Bimota Tera3.44%
8.Triumph Scrambler 400 X2.48%
9.Fantic Caballero Rally 5002.26%
10.Benelli TRK 702X1.74%

Motorcycle Design Trends

Key Analysis

To provide a key analysis of the results from the “Most Beautiful Bike” poll at EICMA 2023, several aspects should be considered, including design trends, brand reputation, and consumer preferences. Here’s an in-depth look:

  • The dominance of Ducati: Ducati’s Hypermotard 698 RVE winning the title is a testament to the brand’s consistent focus on design excellence. Ducati has a history of combining high-performance engineering with aesthetically pleasing designs. The Hypermotard series, known for its supermoto-inspired look, likely continued this tradition with unique design elements that resonated with the voters.
  • Italian Design Preference: The fact that no non-Italian bike has ever won this award since its inception suggests a strong preference or bias towards Italian design among EICMA attendees. Italian motorcycle design is often characterized by a blend of elegance, aggression, and innovation, qualities that are highly valued in the motorcycle community.
  • Emerging Trends in Motorcycle Design: The variety of bikes in the top 10 indicates diverse design trends within the industry. For instance, the Moto Guzzi Stelvio and the Triumph Scrambler 400 X represent classic and retro styles, while the Aprilia RS 457 and Suzuki GSX-8R showcase modern, sporty aesthetics. This diversity suggests that there’s a wide range of consumer tastes in motorcycle design.
  • The Role of Brand Heritage: Brands like Ducati, Moto Guzzi, and Triumph have a rich history and a loyal fan base. This heritage can influence perceptions of beauty, as enthusiasts often have a deep appreciation for the story and legacy behind a brand.
  • Innovation vs. Tradition: The presence of bikes like the Bimota Tera, known for unconventional designs, alongside more traditional designs like the Fantic Caballero Rally 500, shows a balance between innovation and tradition in the industry. This suggests that while there’s an appreciation for groundbreaking designs, there’s also a significant market for bikes that honor traditional aesthetics.
  • Consumer Perception and Market Trends: The poll results reflect not just the preferences of motorcycle enthusiasts but also broader market trends. The popularity of models like the Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports and the Benelli TRK 702X indicates a growing interest in adventure and dual-sport motorcycles.
  • Impact of Cultural and Regional Factors: The EICMA being held in Italy might influence the voting pattern, possibly skewing it towards Italian brands. This regional bias should be considered when interpreting the results.
  • Technological Advancements and Design: As motorcycle technology evolves, how these advancements are integrated into the design could be a key factor in determining a bike’s aesthetic appeal. This integration of form and function is crucial in motorcycle design.

The results from the EICMA 2023 poll offer valuable insights into current design trends, brand power, and consumer preferences within the motorcycle industry. The dominance of Ducati and the preference for Italian design highlight the importance of aesthetic appeal in motorcycles, while the variety in the top 10 speaks to the diverse tastes of motorcycle enthusiasts.

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The results of the 2023 EICMA “Most Beautiful Bike” poll, culminating in the Ducati Hypermotard 698 RVE’s victory, underscore the diverse and evolving landscape of motorcycle design and consumer preferences. Ducati’s consistent performance in this poll, alongside the variety of styles represented by other top-ranking motorcycles, highlights the dynamic interplay between tradition, innovation, and aesthetic appeal in the motorcycle industry.

While the concept of beauty remains subjective, the poll serves as a testament to the significance of design in the motorcycle world. It not only reflects current trends but also sets the stage for future designs and innovations. As we look forward to future EICMA shows, it will be fascinating to observe how manufacturers continue to blend aesthetic appeal with technological advancements to captivate the hearts and minds of motorcycle enthusiasts around the globe.

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