Ducati Motorcycle Sales Down 4% in First Nine Months of 2023, But Multistrada V4 Remains Top Seller


Ducati’s 2023 Q3 sales report indicates mixed performance. While they managed to ship 47,867 motorcycles in the first nine months of 2023, it was a 4 percent decrease from the same period in 2022. However, contextualizing this with the 2022 numbers reveals an impressive growth spurt for Ducati in recent years. The 49,858 bikes sold up to September 2022 represented a 21 percent increase from 2021, which Ducati had declared as the best in the company’s history.

Motorcycle Sales

Company’s best-selling bikes for the first nine months of 2023:

  1. Multistrada V4 (all variants) – 8,680 bikes sold worldwide
  2. Panigale V4
  3. Diavel V4

Multistrada V4, Panigale V4 and Diavel V4

Other notable sales figures:

  • Its third-largest market, Germany, saw growth of one percent, with 5,764 motorcycles sold.
  • In China, which is Ducati’s sixth biggest market, Ducati saw 2,201 motorcycles delivered—which is down a full 46 percent over the same period in 2022.
  • The Monster 30th Anniversario limited edition, of which only 500 will ever be made, is officially sold out.

A more in-depth look at the 2023 numbers:

  • Stable or Modest Growth: The majority of Ducati’s markets showed stable or modest growth. This indicates that the brand is maintaining its appeal in most of its target markets.
  • Italy saw a sale of 8,474 bikes, up by two percent.
  • The US market saw a similar growth rate with 6,704 bikes sold, a two percent increase.
  • Germany, Ducati’s third-largest market, witnessed a sale of 5,764 motorcycles, a one percent growth.
Ducati Motorcycle Sales Down 4% in First Nine Months of 2023, But Multistrada V4 Remains Top Seller

China sales decline

  • Significant Drop in China: China, its sixth-largest market, saw a massive 46 percent drop, with sales tallying to only 2,201 motorcycles. The company acknowledges this setback and attributes it to a complex market situation in China. They have, however, developed an action plan to mitigate this and bring the numbers back up. Francesco Milicia, Ducati’s VP of global sales and after-sales, has emphasized the company’s commitment to monitoring the situation and acting accordingly.
  • Best-selling Models: Multistrada V4 tops the chart with 8,680 bikes sold worldwide. Following it are the Panigale V4 and Diavel V4. Another noteworthy mention is the Monster 30th Anniversario limited edition, which has sold out, indicating its strong demand and its brand strength.
  • Future Outlook: EICMA 2023, to be held in Milan, is expected to be a significant event for Ducati. With the exhibition set to commence shortly, it offers the brand an opportunity to showcase its latest offerings and potentially rebound from any setbacks experienced earlier in the year.

EICMA 2023

Pros of buying a Ducati motorcycle:

  • Performance: The motorcycles are known for their excellent performance, both in terms of acceleration and handling. They are also equipped with a variety of state-of-the-art electronic rider aids, which make them both safer and more enjoyable to ride.
  • Design: Also known for their iconic design. They are stylish, aerodynamic, and eye-catching.
  • Exclusivity: Relatively rare, which makes them more exclusive and desirable to some riders.
  • Community: Passionate and supportive community of riders around the world. This can be a great resource for owners, both in terms of information and support.

Cons of buying a Ducati motorcycle:

  • Cost: Motorcycles are typically more expensive than other brands of motorcycles. This is due to the high quality of their components and the exclusivity of the brand.
  • Maintenance: They require specialized maintenance, which can be more expensive and difficult to find than maintenance for other brands of motorcycles.
  • Comfort: Ducati motorcycles are not always the most comfortable motorcycles to ride, especially for long periods of time. This is because they are designed for performance, rather than comfort.
  • Fuel economy: Ducati motorcycles are not typically very fuel efficient. This is due to their high-performance engines.


Ducati’s performance in the first nine months of 2023 showcases both its strengths and areas of challenge. Although it experienced a slight dip in sales compared to 2022, it maintained stability or growth in its primary markets, demonstrating its resilient brand appeal. However, the significant downturn in China signifies potential external market challenges.

The success of models like the Multistrada V4 and the sold-out Monster 30th Anniversario edition underlines the brand’s ongoing relevance and desirability. As Ducati approaches EICMA 2023, it has the opportunity to bolster its market position further, with the event potentially acting as a springboard to navigate past recent challenges, especially in markets like China.

While Ducati faced challenges, especially in the Chinese market, in the first nine months of 2023, the overall picture still seems optimistic. The brand’s continued growth in significant markets and the demand for its best-selling models indicate a strong brand appeal and positioning in the market.


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