In the high-octane world of motorcycle racing, the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) Enel MotoE World Championship has emerged as the proving ground for electric motorcycle prowess. After its inaugural season as the sole supplier, Ducati is standing tall, backed by impressive stats and enhanced R&D insights.

The Research-Driven Prototype: Ducati V21L

In a one-make series like MotoE, while individual teams are competing, for a manufacturer like Ducati, the primary objective becomes continuous improvement and research. The V21L electric prototype they introduced had a total curb weight of 225 kg, with almost half of it (110 kg) being the battery. The carbon fibre battery case not only lent the bike a sleek look but also aided in weight reduction. Its liquid-cooled feature was another innovation, ensuring seamless operation and immediate recharging without a cooling period.

The choice of 21700-type cells for the battery was strategic. This allowed the engineers to distribute these cells optimally within the bike, focusing on mass centralization and weight distribution. The result? Remarkable weight distribution of 54% at the front and 46% at the rear.


Competition Highlights

The season was nothing short of thrilling. Eight out of 18 riders tasted victory, and ten of them experienced the euphoria of standing on the podium. As the championship progressed, the final round saw four riders with a chance to clinch the world championship rider’s title, maintaining the suspense till the very end.

Progress Made

Ducati registered significant progress during the season. Compared to the 2022 season, there was an average lap time improvement of 2.2 seconds. A V21L touched a breathtaking speed of 282 km/h at Mugello during the Italian GP. For the season, Ducati built 23 V21L prototypes, of which 18 were allocated to teams, and five were kept as emergency backups.

Gearing Up For 2024

What the 2024 season will unfold is anyone’s guess. But given Ducati’s commitment to R&D and the rapid evolution of electric motorcycles, fans and enthusiasts can surely expect more innovation, speed, and thrill.

The world of electric motorcycle racing is just warming up, and with stalwarts like Ducati in the fray, the future seems nothing short of electrifying!


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