Navigating busy cities like Paris, Tokyo, and Beijing can be a nightmare due to crowded streets and scarce parking spaces. For individuals who do not need large vehicles, the Volkswagen SEED concept offers a revolutionary solution to urban mobility challenges.

Created by Yunxing Ma as a personal project, this concept car is designed to enhance city driving. It features an adjustable width, allowing it to navigate through narrow alleys and find parking easily.

A Revolutionary Urban Vehicle Design

The Volkswagen SEED concept is more than just a car; it is a smart solution for modern urban driving. This vehicle boasts a sleek, sporty design with an adjustable width, making it highly maneuverable in busy streets and easy to park. Its organic and streamlined look seamlessly blends with contemporary cityscapes, turning it into an elegant sculpture even when stationary. The concept car’s unique design is inspired by nature, drawing on the simplicity and functionality of a seed.


Nature-Inspired Design: The Seed Concept

At the core of the VW SEED’s design lies inspiration from the natural world, particularly the humble seed. Just as a seed unfurls into a plant, the SEED’s design unfolds in two parts, allowing for seamless transformation and adaptability. Its teardrop-shaped profile exudes fluidity and grace, complementing the futuristic urban landscape. The design emphasizes visual lightness and coherence, embodying a perfect blend of form and function.

Innovative Construction and Materials

The foundation of the SEED’s design is its large frame that encompasses the entire interior. The body consists of two layers: an inner elastic metal body and an outer glass shell. The flexible metal body can extend to accommodate the two layers of the glass shell. This innovative construction not only enhances the vehicle’s aesthetics but also ensures durability and flexibility.

Adaptable Interior for Modern Urban Dwellers

The Volkswagen SEED’s interior is designed for comfort and adaptability. It features a fixed front row and a transformable rear sofa, anticipating the evolving needs of urban residents. The driver’s seat resembles a comfortable armchair, while the rear can transform into a cozy sofa to accommodate multiple passengers. This versatile layout allows the SEED to switch between a 1+1 seating arrangement for intimate journeys and a 1+3 setup for accommodating a growing family.

Flexible Seating and Space Utilization

The SEED’s flexible interior design ensures there is always room to spare. Whether you need space for a stroller or an additional child seat, the SEED can accommodate it. This adaptability makes it ideal for urban families who require a versatile vehicle that can cater to their changing needs.

Integrated Dashboard and Air Filtration System

The SEED concept features an integrated dashboard that extends inward from the left-side body shell. This innovative design houses essential controls, air vents, and a scent system. The air vents filter air from the front end and direct it into the cabin, ensuring a refreshing ambiance. The dashboard also incorporates a scent system that enhances the driving experience with pleasant aromas.

Advanced Technology for a Connected Driving Experience

The SEED is equipped with advanced technology to keep you connected and entertained. The steering wheel, cleverly concealed under the dashboard, allows for easy switching between manual and automatic driving modes. A modular screen seamlessly integrates with your smartphone or tablet, providing access to a range of interactive functions such as navigation assistance and entertainment options.

Manual and Automatic Driving Modes

The Volkswagen SEED offers the flexibility to switch between manual and automatic driving modes effortlessly. This feature caters to different driving preferences and situations, ensuring a smooth and convenient driving experience.

Modular Screen for Seamless Integration

The modular screen in the SEED concept provides seamless integration with your smartphone or tablet. This allows you to access navigation, entertainment, and other interactive functions directly from the car’s dashboard, enhancing convenience and connectivity.

Enhancing Urban Aesthetics

Even when parked, the SEED enhances the urban environment with its elegant and futuristic design. Its teardrop-shaped profile and streamlined look blend perfectly with modern cityscapes, turning it into a piece of art. This aesthetic appeal makes the SEED not just a vehicle, but a valuable addition to the urban landscape.

Sustainability and Efficiency

The Volkswagen SEED concept is designed with sustainability and efficiency in mind. Its compact size and adjustable width make it ideal for city driving, reducing traffic congestion and parking issues. Additionally, the use of advanced materials and technology ensures that the SEED is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Impact on Urban Mobility

The SEED concept has the potential to revolutionize urban mobility by providing a smart and adaptable solution for city driving. Its compact design, advanced technology, and flexible interior make it an ideal choice for urban dwellers who need a versatile and efficient vehicle.


In a time of rapidly growing cities and changing lifestyles, the Volkswagen SEED concept stands as a symbol of innovation. This vehicle redefines urban mobility with its nature-inspired design, adaptable interior, and advanced technology. As cities continue to expand and evolve, the SEED concept points towards a future of sustainable, connected, and efficient urban driving.


1. What inspired the design of the Volkswagen SEED concept?

The design of the Volkswagen SEED concept is inspired by nature, particularly the adaptability and growth of a seed.

2. How does the SEED’s adjustable width benefit urban driving?

The adjustable width allows the SEED to navigate through narrow streets and find parking more easily, making it ideal for crowded urban areas.

3. What materials are used in the construction of the SEED?

The SEED features an inner elastic metal body and an outer glass shell, providing flexibility and durability.

4. How does the SEED’s interior adapt to different needs?

The SEED’s interior includes a fixed front row and a transformable rear sofa, allowing it to switch between different seating arrangements and accommodate various needs.

5. What technology is integrated into the SEED concept?

The SEED includes advanced technology such as a modular screen for smartphone integration, a scent system, and the ability to switch between manual and automatic driving modes.

6. How does the SEED enhance urban aesthetics?

The SEED’s sleek, teardrop-shaped profile and streamlined design make it an elegant addition to modern cityscapes, even when parked.

7. What impact could the SEED concept have on urban mobility?

The SEED concept has the potential to revolutionize urban mobility by providing a smart, adaptable, and efficient solution for city driving.

8. How does the SEED ensure sustainability and efficiency?

The SEED’s compact size, advanced materials, and technology make it energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, reducing traffic congestion and parking issues in urban areas.

9. Who created the Volkswagen SEED concept?

The Volkswagen SEED concept is a personal project by Yunxing Ma and is not an official Volkswagen project.

10. What makes the SEED concept unique?

The SEED concept’s unique blend of nature-inspired design, advanced technology, and adaptability sets it apart as a revolutionary solution for urban mobility.

By addressing these aspects, the Volkswagen SEED concept offers a glimpse into the future of urban driving, providing a versatile, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing solution for city dwellers.


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