EICMA 2023

The 80th edition of the International Two Wheel Exhibition (EICMA), held at Fiera Milano Rho, closed its doors recently, marking a triumphant chapter in the annals of two-wheeled mobility and passion.

Key points of EICMA 2023:

  • Record attendance: Over 560,000 visitors, up 19% from 2022.
  • Strong international presence: 52% of trade visitors came from abroad, representing 120 countries.
  • New attractions: MotoLive arena, Esports Arena, and YUM (Your Urban Mobility) area were all successful.
  • Media attention: Over 7,000 journalists, technicians, and communication professionals from 62 countries attended.
  • Positive feedback: Digital services, such as online ticketing, were well-received.

International Two-Wheel Exhibition

This year’s event, breaking previous records, not only showcased an unprecedented number of brands and exhibitors but also underscored the evolving landscape of the two-wheel industry. With a historic high in attendance and a diverse array of attractions, EICMA 2023 embodied the vibrancy and forward momentum of the global two-wheel sector.

  • Record-Breaking Participation: With 2,036 brands, over 700 direct exhibitors, and 67% of them from 45 different countries, EICMA demonstrated its global appeal and significance in the two-wheel vehicle industry. This level of international participation highlights the event’s importance as a global platform for showcasing the latest in two-wheel mobility.
  • Increased Attendance: The attendance of over 560,000 people, a 19% increase from 2022, is a strong indicator of the growing interest in two-wheel vehicles. This could be due to various factors, including a surge in eco-consciousness, urban mobility trends, and a revived interest in personal leisure activities.
  • Sectorial Operator Engagement: The presence of 39,392 operators in the sector, over half of whom came from abroad, reflects the exhibition’s role as a crucial meeting point for business and networking within the industry.
  • Media Presence: The significant media turnout (over 7,000 from 62 countries) underscores EICMA’s importance as a newsworthy event, influencing trends and promoting the two-wheel sector globally.
  • Diverse Attractions: The variety of attractions, including the MotoLive arena, test ride areas for e-bikes and exhibitors’ vehicles, and the Esports Arena, indicates EICMA’s efforts to cater to a broad audience, from traditional bike enthusiasts to the younger, digitally-oriented generation.
  • Focus on Innovation and Urban Mobility: The YUM (Your Urban Mobility) area’s focus on startups and innovative solutions in urban mobility reflects the shifting trends in the two-wheel sector towards sustainability and smart city solutions.
  • Digital Engagement: The fact that 88% of tickets were purchased online shows a significant shift in consumer behaviour and the importance of digital engagement strategies for such events.

Fiera Milano Rho

Key Analysis

To provide a key analysis of the 80th edition of the International Two Wheel Exhibition (EICMA) based on the information you shared, we’ll look at various aspects including attendance, industry representation, media presence, and the exhibition’s broader impact.

  • Record Attendance and International Representation: The attendance of over 560,000, a 19% increase from the previous year, signifies a robust and growing interest in two-wheel mobility. The presence of exhibitors from 45 countries, with 67% international participation, demonstrates the global reach and influence of the event. This diversity is not only a sign of the exhibition’s prestige but also indicates a healthy, globally interconnected industry.
  • Business and Industry Engagement: With 39,392 industry operators visiting the exhibition, and over half of them coming from abroad, EICMA served as a crucial global hub for business networking, deals, and industry insights. This level of professional engagement shows the event’s importance as a business-to-business platform within the two-wheel sector.
  • Media Coverage and Influence: The presence of over 7,000 media representatives from 62 countries highlights EICMA’s role in shaping industry narratives and influencing consumer trends. The extensive media coverage helps in promoting the latest innovations and designs in two-wheel transportation to a global audience.
  • Innovation and Trends: The introduction of areas like the YUM (Your Urban Mobility) and the Esports Arena indicates EICMA’s commitment to embracing and showcasing new trends, including digitalization and sustainable urban mobility solutions. This forward-thinking approach is crucial for the industry’s adaptation to changing consumer preferences and technological advancements.
  • Digital Engagement and Consumer Behavior: The fact that 88% of the general public opted for online ticketing suggests a significant digital shift in consumer behaviour. This trend is important for future marketing and engagement strategies, not only for EICMA but for the industry as a whole.
  • Broad Appeal and Diverse Attractions: The range of attractions, including the MotoLive arena, test ride areas, and the Esports Arena, catered to a wide audience spectrum, from hardcore enthusiasts to casual visitors. This diversity in attractions is key to attracting and maintaining a broad and varied audience.
  • Sustainability and Urban Mobility: The focus on sustainable solutions and urban mobility, particularly through the YUM area, reflects the industry’s increasing emphasis on eco-friendly and practical urban transportation solutions.

EICMA 2023 highlighted the resilience and dynamism of the two-wheel industry, adapting to new market trends, embracing digitalization, and responding to global challenges like sustainability. The event’s success serves as a bellwether for the future of two-wheel mobility, indicating a path marked by innovation, global collaboration, and an expanding consumer base.

Your Urban Mobility (YUM) with MotoLive arena

Analyzing the 80th edition of the International Two Wheel Exhibition (EICMA) based on your description, we can identify several pros and cons:


  • High Attendance and International Participation: The record attendance of over 560,000 people and exhibitors from 45 countries highlight the event’s global appeal and relevance in the two-wheel industry. This level of participation indicates a healthy, growing interest in two-wheel mobility.
  • Business Networking Opportunities: With a significant number of sector operators (over 39,000), the exhibition provided a valuable platform for business networking, partnerships, and deals, crucial for industry growth and innovation.
  • Media Coverage: The presence of over 7,000 media representatives from various countries ensured extensive global coverage, amplifying the event’s impact and reach.
  • Diverse Attractions and Innovations: The introduction of areas like the YUM and the Esports Arena, alongside traditional attractions, showcased the industry’s adaptability and appeal to a broader audience, including younger demographics.
  • Digital Engagement: The high uptake of online ticketing (88%) reflects effective digital engagement strategies, aligning with modern consumer behaviour trends.
  • Focus on Sustainability and Urban Mobility: Emphasizing sustainable solutions and urban mobility aligns with global trends towards environmental consciousness and practical urban transport solutions.


  • Overcrowding and Resource Strain: With record attendance, managing such a large crowd can be challenging, potentially leading to issues like overcrowding, long wait times, and strain on facilities.
  • Environmental Impact: Large-scale events often have a significant environmental footprint, from travel-related emissions to waste generation, which might conflict with the industry’s growing focus on sustainability.
  • Commercial Focus Overlook Small Players: While large brands and companies get significant attention, smaller players or startups might find it challenging to stand out in such a large event.
  • Potential for Unequal Representation: With 67% international exhibitors, there’s a possibility that certain regions or smaller countries could be underrepresented, leading to a less diverse industry showcase.
  • Health and Safety Concerns: In post-pandemic times, managing health and safety for such a large gathering remains a concern, requiring stringent measures to ensure attendee safety.
  • Digital Exclusion: While the high use of online ticketing is advantageous, it may exclude segments of the population less comfortable with or lacking access to digital platforms.

EICMA 2023 demonstrated significant strengths in showcasing global trends, business networking, and media engagement in the two-wheel sector. However, the challenges of managing a large-scale event sustainably and inclusively remain areas for potential improvement in future editions.


EICMA 2023 stands as a testament to the dynamic and evolving world of two-wheel mobility. The historic levels of participation and attendance, coupled with the diverse and innovative attractions, underline the event’s stature as a pivotal platform in the two-wheel industry. The substantial international presence, robust media coverage, and enthusiastic public engagement reflect a growing global interest in two-wheel transportation and recreation.

This year’s exhibition not only celebrated the current achievements of the sector but also set the stage for future innovations and trends, solidifying EICMA’s role as a harbinger of what’s next in the world of two-wheel mobility.”


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