Electric : eV-Twin Electric Motorcycle from Veitis

 Electric : eV-Twin Electric Motorcycle from Veitis

About Veitis

The tale of the eV-Twin was one conceived of need. First created on board an extravagance yacht, where limitations are set on petroleum vehicles being continued board due the combustible idea of their fuel. The procedure was a long and filthy one, bringing about the fuel tank being depleted each time the cruiser was stacked on load up, and the fuel at that point put away in a different holder in a safe area inside the body.

With the appearance of the electric engine presently turning into a perpetually mainstream and reasonable alternative for the two vehicles and cruisers, in addition to the ideal answer for conveying a bike on board an extravagance yacht, the eV-Twin was produced around and now has its own new electric heart.

Available, handy and ideal for the individuals who have a weakness for innovation offset with unrivaled style, the eV-Twin takes care of numerous issues with a view to future.

  • Top Speed : 70 mph
  • Miles Charge Range : 100
  • Full Charge : 3hrs 45 mins


The eV-Twin has a consistent power yield of under 11kw (comparable to a standard 125cc motor). This permits riders who don’t have a full cruiser permit to appreciate the full riding knowledge of the eV-Twin on a temporary permit, making it a lot simpler to.

The eV-Twin uses the EV Twin® control train created by Veitis for more noteworthy vitality effectiveness and upgraded control administration. In spite of the fact that the ceaseless power is restricted to 11kw, its pinnacle control isn’t constrained and the torque produced results in radiant increasing speed and a power to weight proportion equivalent to a considerably more ground-breaking motorcycle.

The eV-Twin is structured and fabricated in the UK utilizing the best materials and completions, joined with the plain most recent electric engine innovation, control and power administration frameworks that are accessible.

Electric motors don’t have any moving parts, and along these lines require basically no maintenance at all. With the eV-Twin, the times of administration plans, parts substitution and you coming to an administration focus are gone, abandoning you more opportunity to continue riding.

The edge is planned and worked by Veitis configuration group who broad involvement in building race outlines for exemplary race cruisers and also Formula 1 parts. The eV-Twin’s edge and back swing arm are developed from the high elastic 631 tubing range from Reynolds, combined with Ceriani forks that have full damping modification, bringing about unrivaled edge and fork execution with great Veitis styling.

The eV-Twin is one of the simplest cruisers to ride today. Sit on, push the throttle and go, and when you fall off the power and brake, the bike utilizes a power recovery framework that revives the batteries as your journey comes to halt.


Veitis eV-Twin can be yours on order  £40,000 and has delivery period of  3 months.

Source : Veitis

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