Electric : Luucmuis electric KTM X Freeride

 Electric : Luucmuis electric KTM X Freeride

Luuc Muis is a product designer from The Netherlands in 2014 he graduated with a Batchelor degree in Industial Product Design at Windesheim – Zwolle, as well a Merid degree 1 in Art &Design at Institute of Technoligy – Calow, Ireland. Combining his passion for motorcycles, technoligy and craftmanship to design creations with his signature. Luuc enjoys working on his beaten up vintage vehicles as well as devouring a 2 ouns steak.

2018 Best and Low Moments in Motorcycle World

As a study to demonstrate that electric cruisers have industrial facility modifying potential to make diverse bike for a few uses with the equivalent drivetrain. I chose to take a financially accessible E-bicycle, for this situation a KTM Freeride E and change it from the MX bicycle it is to a trail bicycle enlivened by BMX.

New Ducati V4R

Keeping the drivetrain unique and front part from the edge. Bringing down the front and taking out the back suspension, swing arm and side edge bolster plates. Making a hardtail short based bicycle that speaks to the geometrics of a BMX type trail bicycle.

Including pivot foot pegs, and bringing down the situation of the ordinary pegs gives you a lower focal point of gravity as a rider for traps and moderate riding. Therefor likewise no bumpers to obstruct haggling. Generally I kept the stylish of the bicycle like the first KTM Freeride E making it a production line prepared custom application to a similar base.

2018 EICMA At Glance

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