Novus e-bike is a brain child of mechanical planners, René Renger and Marcus Weidig, who shared aspirations and vision to make something different which you could see in lines of the E-Bike which they have designed and created German electric bike organization Novus presents their first introduction demonstrated at CES 2019 – a staggeringly light and extraordinarily significant, empty bodied city suburbanite somewhere close to an e-bicycle and an execution cruiser.

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Initial Impressions

The primary thing that emerges about this bike is that there’s very little of it. A large portion of the bikes highlights are installed into the body of the bike with both head and tail incorporated into the body to make a smooth straight line from back to handle. The rear suspension, which utilizes an air damper, also is implanted into the edge, just like the begin catch, which you enact by pushing down on the seat cowhide where the fuel tank ought to be.

The thin line and compact body structure will make this e-bike easy to maneuver in dense traffic

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  • Electric bike is controlled by a14kW brushless engine, situated over the back wheel,
  • Tipping the scales at a light 85 lbs (38.5 kg) makes it incredibly light.
  • Novus has a 14-crest kilowatt (18.7 pull) raise center point drive putting out an asserted 200 Nm (147.5 lb-ft) of torque,
  • Present charge time is around a hour for a 0-80 percent top-up

Price and Limited Edition

Novus claims that the bike has a best speed of 60 mph/100 kph and a scope of 100km. the battery, sits in the base of the edge. The hand-assembled e-bike is still in its prototype stage, and the combine expect beginning creation models will be comparatively built, with a price tag of $35,000 plus VAT or potentially much more and only 1000 would be build.

Source : Novus

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