Moto Morini's New Calibro 650


On Tuesday, October 10, 2023, Moto Morini unveiled its latest creation, the Calibro 650 cruiser, at an event in Milan, Italy. This new addition to the world of motorcycles is generating buzz, not just for its timing—coming ahead of the prestigious EICMA event in November—but also for its unique blend of European design with American cruiser styling.

While full details are yet to be disclosed, this sneak peek has given us some intriguing insights into what the Calibro has to offer. In this article, we’ll explore the key features and qualities of the Moto Morini Calibro, and what sets it apart in the competitive cruiser market.

Here are some initial thoughts

  • Styling: It’s interesting to see a non-American manufacturer like Moto Morini taking on American cruiser styling. The design was conceived in Europe, but it’s clear that they aimed to capture some of that American cruiser aesthetic. Whether or not this interpretation resonates with potential buyers remains to be seen, but it’s always refreshing to see manufacturers experiment with different styles.
  • Seat Height: The low seat height of 720mm (28.3 inches) is a significant selling point for cruiser fans, as it makes the bike accessible to a wider range of riders, including those with shorter inseams. It’s a feature that can attract both new and experienced riders.
  • Engine: Using Moto Morini’s existing 650cc parallel twin engine suggests that they may be leveraging a tried-and-true powerplant for this cruiser. It would be interesting to know more about its performance characteristics and any modifications made to suit the cruiser genre.
  • Belt Final Drive: The decision to use a belt final drive instead of a chain is in line with cruiser tradition and can lead to smoother and quieter operations. This is a feature that many cruiser enthusiasts appreciate.
  • Variants: Offering both a full-power version and a restricted 35kW version for A2 license holders in Europe shows an understanding of the diverse rider market. It allows riders with different levels of experience and licensing to enjoy the Calibro.
  • Similarities with Kawasaki Vulcan S: Mentioning the resemblance to the Kawasaki Vulcan S raises interesting questions about the bike’s uniqueness and how it differentiates itself in a competitive cruiser market. Potential buyers might want to know more about what sets the Calibro apart from existing models.

Ultimately, more detailed specifications and hands-on reviews will be necessary to form a comprehensive opinion on the Moto Morini Calibro. Motorcycle enthusiasts and potential buyers will likely be looking forward to its official unveiling at EICMA 2023 to get a better sense of its performance, features, and overall riding experience.



As the motorcycle world eagerly anticipates EICMA 2023, where Moto Morini plans to reveal the full specifications of the Calibro 650, one thing is clear: this cruiser is poised to make a statement. With its approachable seat height, belt final drive, LED headlight, and a nod towards American styling, it has the potential to attract a diverse range of riders. However, questions remain about its performance, handling, and how it distinguishes itself from existing cruiser models, including the visually comparable Kawasaki Vulcan S.

For now, we can appreciate Moto Morini’s attempt to reimagine American cruiser style through their unique stylistic lens and await the unveiling at EICMA to paint a complete picture of the Calibro’s place in the cruiser landscape. Motorcycle enthusiasts and potential buyers should stay tuned for more details, as this Italian take on American cruiser aesthetics may offer a fresh perspective on an iconic genre.

Moto Morini

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