Key points

  • The 2024 Isle of Man TT will take place from Monday, May 27 to Saturday, June 8, 2024.
  • The Senior TT race is currently scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 8, 2024.
  • The overall race program will last 10 days, with two rest days spread out.
  • The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company has just built a new ferry called the Manxman, which can hold 948 passengers and 10% more lane space for vehicles.
  • The new Manxman ferry’s Heysham crossing time is listed as three hours and 45 minutes, which is the same as the Ben-my-Chree.

2024 Isle of Man TT

The 2024 Isle of Man TT races have been officially scheduled, commencing on Monday, May 27, 2024, which coincides with a bank holiday. The first week will consist of free practice and qualifying sessions, during which participants in all classes will set and record times on the 37.73-mile mountain course.

2024 Senior TT race

The highlight of the event, the 2024 Senior TT race, is planned for Saturday, June 8, 2024. The overall schedule for practice, qualifying, and racing will closely follow the changes introduced in 2023. Similar to the previous year, both the Superstock and Supertwin classes will have two races each. The entire race program spans 10 days, with strategically placed rest days to allow racers valuable recovery time amidst the hectic schedule.


Isle of Man Steam Packet

For enthusiasts intending to experience the 2024 Isle of Man TT in person, a noteworthy enhancement awaits. The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company introduced a brand-new vessel, the Manxman, in 2023.

Significantly, it’s the company’s first newly commissioned vessel since 1998. Boasting a capacity of 948 passengers, the Manxman surpasses the next-largest ferry in the fleet, the Ben-my-Chree, by over 300 passengers.

Additionally, it provides 10% more lane space dedicated to vehicular transportation. This augmentation holds particular significance for motorcycles, which can be accommodated more efficiently compared to cars.

Isle of Man TT Greatest Show on Earth 1

Heysham crossing

In terms of crossing times, the Manxman’s Heysham route is identical to that of the Ben-my-Chree, taking three hours and 45 minutes. Alternatively, for those seeking the utmost speed, the Manannan catamaran offers a quicker option, crossing from Liverpool in just two hours and 45 minutes. It’s worth noting that the Manannan catamaran underwent a significant refit in 2009.

 Isle of Man TT Races, Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

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